From Key West to Prudhoe Bay on a R1 and a F800GS

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From Key West to Prudhoe Bay on a R1 and a F800GS

Postby ArnoldDeGraaf » Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:35 pm

A Dutch guy (Sjaak Lucassen), maybe you have read or heard about him, is a biker who traveled around the world several times on a sportstbike. First on a Honda CBR 900 and later on a Yamaha R1.
Now he is on his way again and he is traveling with a German woman (Doris Wiedemann), also an experienced world traveler on a motorcycle.

Sjaak is on a Yamaha R1 and Doris rides a BMW F800 GS. This trip is more or less extremer one: from Key West in Florida to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. They are already on their way and you can follow them via a website. Sjaak and Doris are making as much as possible videos and photos during the tour on this website (English).
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