De-linking van de remmen

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De-linking van de remmen

Postby MXXL » Sat May 20, 2006 8:06 pm

Ik kwam op het volgende artikel tegen over iemand die op een redelijk goedkope maar zeer effectieve manier zijn CBS heeft verwijdert van zijn fiets.

De manier die hij heeft gebruikt zorgt ervoor dat de voorrem verandert in een normale 3 zuiger klauw met een gigantisch remvermogen.

Simpel gezegd boort hij een gat in de cylinder van de middelste zuiger, hiermee maakt hij een verbinding tussen de middelste zuiger en het kanaal tussen de buitenste zuigers. Dit doet hij voor en achter. Hieronder de tekst in het engels:

I had a great work-around for this terrible dilema; I bought a 2004 CBR1000RR for my play bike, and for track days and what we in Belleville Ontario call our "Two-Wheeled Tuesdays" when we get together and go RIDING!! We really should be locked up!! However, I had to sell that 1000RR for a house I now don't own (what was I THINKING ??) and have track days coming up, as well as another Summer of Two Wheeled Tuesdays. I had to De-link the Brakes on Josephine my 2002 CBR- XX.
Here's what I FINALLY DID:

I Bled all brake fluid. I then systematically took all calipers off bike (KEEP one of the rear brake lines that go from the rear master to rear caliper, you'll need it for new set up, as Gafler doesn't make rear braided precut line), and took all calipers apart totally.

REMEMBER THIS: keep parts from each caliper separate, they are different.

Take seals out, I reused mine, no problem there. I stripped calipers down to front and back pieces, gave them a good cleaning in WD-40 first, then Brake cleaner.
Then I noticed that there is a brake fliud channel in the calipers that feed brake fluid from the one outer piston chamber to the other outer piston chamber. THIS Feed hole runs directly behind the Centre brake piston chamber, as it's shallower then the two outer ones. All I did (it's not reversible) is to place the caliper on my drill press and drill straight down in the line of that feed hole and drill the CENTRE Brake caliper piston chamber to the depth of the feed hole that runs to/ from each outer piston chamber (it's REALLY EASY, you'll see exactly what I mean once you take a caliper apart).

When all three calipers are drilled out, I taped up chambers for brake pistons, and gave them a good cleaning, then primed and painted them RED (Thanks Tremclad). I then put brake pistons back in, and blocked the centre Brake line holes (one of the two brake line (oil Bolt holes)) with the used CRUSH washers and new 10 mm long Metric FINE bolts. This leaves only one thread left on each caliper for the new (front) Steel Braided Brake Lines.

Once installed back on bike:
I installed the new Galfer CBR1100XX front "Two Line KIT" and used the one rear factory line I kept to the rear caliper again, using one of the MANY single OIL BOLTS I had left over from the pile of brake lines and stuff I tore off bike in the beginning, to connect it to the rear master.

It was a bitch bleeding the brakes at first, took 3 guys four hours ... nothing !!! kept getting only solid fluid out while bleeding, but the Lever would keep coming right into the bar!! We couldn't figure it out for the life of us!!
One call to Peter Furst Racing in Shannonville solved the problem. I had to bleed the front MASTER first!
You bleed the master the same as you'd bleed the caliper, you sqeeze the lever/ hold ... but then : while holding: you loosen off the OIL BOLT at the front master, and bleed the lines up top! This was a five minute fix to a four hour dilema.
Brakes were bled now.
Result: I now have a CBR1100 XX that can brake SO HARD that it's almost scary! It is truly stunning now! Because of the nature of the different size of brake pistons on each caliper, it is like the brakes come on PROGRESSIVELY! It's like... apply brakes lightly, fine. from high speed, apply brakes ... good ... good ... HOLY cow ... starting to bite HARDER NOW ... then with twoo good fingers full ... WOOOOOW ... loose your eye balls into your visor braking force. VERY PROGRESSIVE, easy to modulate ...and POWERFUL! I remember talking to the guy in England who had the kits on de-linking, I asked him in 2002 if his kits alowed the use of aftermarket calipers, and he told me then "you de-link those Nissins, trust me, you won't need more brakes on that bike, they are fabulous DE-LINKED". He was right!!
As a note, that kit ... don't know where they are now, could be reversed! My way cannot. Keep that in mind ok?


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Postby ROODKAPJE » Sat May 20, 2006 8:11 pm

nou neem maar stalen remleidingen dan remt de bb ook veel beter , en wat het cbs systeem betreft ,ik vind het een goed systeem! 8)

zwart of blauw BB, Ik :heart: hou :heart: van jouw ;)

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Postby Marty Blackbird » Sat May 20, 2006 9:17 pm

ROODKAPJE wrote:nou neem maar stalen remleidingen dan remt de bb ook veel beter , en wat het cbs systeem betreft ,ik vind het een goed systeem! 8)

MXXL heeft het over goedkoop. Maar je hebt wel gelijk.. rvs leidingen (in combinatie met, hyperpro, superbrace en een paar goede banden) remt geweldig! :D :D
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Postby Fladder » Sun May 21, 2006 4:35 pm

mocht ik ooit nog eens genoeg krijgen van het CBS remsysteem zal ik dit onthouden. 8)
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Postby Frank Switser » Sun May 21, 2006 9:39 pm

De-linking is voor posers en coureurs.....
Voor alle anderen overbodig!
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