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Gallery 06


Click on a thumbnail for the full size photo. If you like to show a photo of your Blackbird in the Blackbird Photo Gallery, you can send it to me by email.

Kjell Erikson (Sweden).

K_Erikson.jpg (27950 bytes)

Markus Sturm (Austria)

M_Sturm.jpg (30166 bytes)

Repainted Blackbird of Bernard Monhoval (Belgium).

B_Monhoval.jpg (32081 bytes)

Zoltan Toth (Hungary) and his '99 Blackbird

Zoltan_Toth.jpg (34524 bytes)

Dexter Henry (USA)

D_Henry_2.jpg (29277 bytes) Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry

Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry

Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry Dexter Henry

William Dekker (Netherlands)
On the second photo: the Givi hard case is mounted on the Givi multirack on the buddyseat

W_Dekker_1.jpg (96456 bytes)  W_Dekker_2.jpg (52286 bytes)

Graham Wood (USA)
The second picture is shot at the Skyline Blvd on the San Francisco peninsula, about 25 miles south of SF.

G_Wood_home.jpg (59489 bytes) G_Wood_skyline.jpg (93389 bytes)

Greg Girard (USA)
The 2000 Blackbird with Corbin Beetle Bags and seat and Helibars. The woman on the last photo is his wife who rides the Blackbird too, from time to time.

G_Girard_Birdandbagsfromback.jpg (90967 bytes)  G_Girard_Birdandbagsfromfront.jpg (100286 bytes)

G_Girard_Birdandbagsfromside.jpg (63449 bytes)  G_Girard_Birdandbagsfromback2.jpg (72009 bytes)   G_Girard_Birdbagsbarsbabe.jpg (88537 bytes)

Gary English (Northern Ireland).
The picture was taken at Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland

G_English_0084.jpg (56087 bytes)

Rick McDaniel (USA).
The paint is removed from the rims.

R_McDaniel_PhotoShoot.jpg (49798 bytes)

David Millard (UK)

D_Millar_blackbird.jpg (124020 bytes)


Arne Ohrstrand (Norway)
left the Givi-screen, right original screen


Givi venstre.jpg (325102 bytes)  Orginal vindskjerm venstre.jpg (321321 bytes) Rigget for tur.jpg (324993 bytes)

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