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July 2014. It's time for a new look for the website. Step by step the website will be rebuilt, but it will take some time before the job is done. Until then imperfections will be inevitable.

Me on my XX

In september 1996 Honda introduced the Honda CBR1100 XX Super Blackbird. At that time I owned a CBR 1000 F and IMHO the CBR 1100 XX was a perfect upgrade: less weight, more power and timeless styling. I traded the CB 1000F in for the CBR 1100 XX and March 1997 I could ride the very first kilometers on the Super Blackbird. It was an overwhelming experience: so much smoother and more powerfull compared to the 1000F. A perfect sportstourer. At that moment there was not very much information about this motorcycle. That is why I decided to make a website to make it easier to exchange information between Super Blackbird owners from all over the world.

The site contains a lot of information about the Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird. A list of XX-owners from more than 50 countries, all kinds of modifications, accessories, a Photo Gallery with a lot of Blackbird photos from all over the world and a forum where you can ask and answer questions online.

Since 2006 May 20th I own a BMW R1200GS. I have decided to continue the website, because it contains a lot of useful information for Blackbird owners.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to my Honda Super Blackbird web site.

Arnold de Graaf

Website updates

The website is undergoing an extensive renovation. The old look of the site will be replaced by the new one. The frontpage is the first one with the new layout and other pages will follow as soon as possible.

At the same time I will try to update the owners list too. I do have a request for all former Blackbird owners who are still listed as Blackbird owners: let me know by e-mail and I will remove your name.

It is possible to discuss motorcycle related issues, the renovation of the website, with me and other visitors in Arnolds Motorcycle Café in the forum.

29 Juli 2014

The specifications page updated with the new layout.

20 Juli 2014

Start of the renovation. Updated the frontpage, the about and links page.

Info add about the 2014 meeting of the CBR 1100 XX Club Poland

11 Februari 2014

Owners List
Bjørn Lingen, Norway

Photo Gallery
Gallery 39: Bjørn Lingen, Norway

14 April 2013

Photo Gallery
Gallery 39: Satya Nidhi Tandon (IN)

7 April 2013

Owners List
Grame Sealy Wharton, Ireland

Photo Gallery
Gallery 39: Grame Sealy Wharton, Ireland

Blackbird sites

This website is not the only one dedicated to the Honda Super Blackbird. I have made a list of the Blackbird (Clubs/forums) websites I know about.

Blackbird sites >>

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