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NL BB Meeting 2000
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UK BB Bash 2001
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DK BB Trf 2002
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DK BB Trf 2005

DE Frhjahrstreffen 2003
DE Herbsttreffen 2003

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Gallery 11


Click on the thumbnails for the photo in full size.
If you like to show a photo of your Blackbird in the Blackbird Photo Gallery, you can send it to me by email.


The Blackbird of Stéphane Pacary (France)

stephanepacary1.jpg (370777 bytes) stephanepacary2.jpg (377565 bytes)

Paul Ashby's (UK) Castrol Blackbird. Details about the modifications are in the modifications section of the Blackbird website.

paulashby.jpg (107823 bytes)

Péter László (Hungary). Modification details are in the modifications section of the Blackbird website. 

peterlaszlo-xx_1.jpg (122252 bytes) peterlaszlo-xx_2.jpg (130449 bytes)

peterlaszloxx_04.jpg (73312 bytes) peterlaszloxx_07.jpg (45544 bytes)

Peter had an accident in September 2002. He repainted his Blackbird with the new 2002 silver color.

Peter Laszlo 01 Peter Laszlo 02 Peter Laszlo 03

Jay Linn (Canada). Jay made this picture during a tour throughout the Northeastern United States at Lake Cayuga in upstate New York on a warm autumn morning.

JayLin.jpg (96393 bytes)

Christian Mikkelsen (Denmark). These photo's are made on a holiday tour in Norway.

CMikkelsen_AgerskovMCiNorge10.jpg (27251 bytes) CMikkelsen_AgerskovMCiNorge12.jpg (36812 bytes) CMikkelsenLeneBlackbird.jpg (67920 bytes)

Dave & Donna McIntyre (Australia).

DaveDonna.jpg (34780 bytes)

The Blackbird of Declan Farnan (Ireland) with his wife Helen

declanfarnanCBR1100.jpg (25684 bytes)

Siva Sankar (Singapore) and his 2000 XX

sivasankar.jpg (63904 bytes)

Jon Savage: A burn out with a Blackbird

Jonsavageburnout.jpg (37420 bytes)

Dennis McCartney (USA). More info about his Blackbird in the modifications section of the Blackbird website.

Dennismaccartney2CBR1100XX.jpg (43709 bytes) DennismccartneyCBR1100XX.jpg (33850 bytes)

Tony Hull (UK) going round the Karusel at the Nurburgring (Germany)

TonyHullRing13.jpg (64116 bytes)

Azril Aziz (Malaysia)

azrilaziz1.jpg (45933 bytes) azrilaziz2.jpg (37300 bytes) azrilaziz3a.jpg (15302 bytes)

azrilaziz3b.jpg (16436 bytes) azrilaziz4.jpg (54974 bytes)

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