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NL BB Meeting 2000
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UK BB Bash 2001
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DK BB Træf 2002
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DK BB Træf 2005

DE Frühjahrstreffen 2003
DE Herbsttreffen 2003

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Gallery 01


Click on a thumbnail for the full size photo. If you like to show a photo of your Blackbird in the Blackbird Photo Gallery, you can send it to me by email.



The Blackbird is not only available in black, titanium, red and blue, but as you will see also in white. These pictures are made by Richard Allies.

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Howard Stafford, Tony Povall and Mike Shapiro have visited the Buffalo Rally in Aliwal North (South Africa). They ride to the Rally on 5 Blackbirds. There were 17 Blackbirds visiting the Rally and they parked them in line and made these beautiful photo's. These photo's are scanned by Howard and send to me. Howard wrote a fantastic article about the journey to the Rally for the may-issue of Bike SA magazine.


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Paul Futter (England)


Paul Futter



Andy Holmgren (Sweden)

bikeAH.gif (174253 bytes)  



Omar Boswell's (USA) changed the looks of his Blackbird.

tape1.jpg (244561 bytes)  



Steve Smith's  (England) Blackbird new paint.



Ingve Digernes (Norway)

cbrxx01.jpg (38612 bytes)



Doug Walker

cbr11_DougW.jpg (55737 bytes)



Colin Jones (XX with trailer)

Trailer & Blackbird colin Jones (83494 bytes)



J.P. Tremblay (Canada)

cbrxxJPTremblay.jpg (115171 bytes)



Stephen Smith (England)

super one.jpg (132516 bytes)  stephensmithcornwall1.JPG (37899 bytes) stephensmithcornwall2.JPG (67862 bytes)



Brian Rossbach (Germany)

Motorcycle-Rissa.JPG (89701 bytes)


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