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Gallery 02


Click on a thumbnail for the full size photo. If you like to show a photo of your Blackbird in the Blackbird Photo Gallery, you can send it to me by email.




The '99 XX of Donald Buell (Canada)


Donald Buell - XX in crate  Donald Buell - XX- assembly Donald Buell - XX-assembly2



The '99 XX of Tony Borg (Malta)


tony_borg.jpg (25835 bytes)



Osman Yusof (Singapore) and his '99 XX


mybike.JPG (28512 bytes)



François du Plessis (Netherlands) Black XX in the snow.


snowyXX.jpg (83710 bytes)



Serge Driesen (Belgium)


My CBR 11ooXX Right Vue.jpg (36038 bytes)



DeJan Jaric (Yugoslavia)
the second photo shows DeJan Jaric's girlfriend Aleksandra on the Blackbird.





Dave Lautenschleger (USA)




François Meyer (South Africa) and his Blackbird. The photo  was taken close to his home on a beautiful winter's day with Cape Town's Table Mountain in the background.




Jason Gundlach (USA) on his '98 Blackbird


jason_gundlach1.GIF (61341 bytes) J_Gundlachburn.jpg (27761 bytes)



Charles Spillman (USA)



George Nichas (Australia)
Two burn-outs, the second one is made during the Australian GP at Philip Island.

George Nichas 1 George Nichas 2 George Nichas 3 George Nichas   george_nichas5



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