Super Blackbird

In september 1996 Honda introduced the Honda CBR1100 XX Super Blackbird. At that time I owned a CBR 1000 F and IMHO the CBR 1100 XX was a perfect upgrade: less weight, more power and timeless styling. I traded the CB 1000F in for the CBR 1100 XX and March 1997 I could ride the very first kilometers on the Super Blackbird. It was an overwhelming experience: so much smoother and more powerfull compared to the 1000F. A perfect sportstourer.

At that moment there was not very much information about this motorcycle. That is why I decided to make a website to make it easier to exchange information between Super Blackbird owners from all over the world.

The site contains a lot of information about the Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird. A list of XX-owners from more than 50 countries, all kinds of modifications, accessories, a Photo Gallery with a lot of Blackbird photos from all over the world and a forum where you can ask and answer questions online.

Since 2006 May 20th I own a BMW R1200GS. I have decided to continue the website, because it contains a lot of useful information for Blackbird owners. I hope you will enjoy your visit to my Honda Super Blackbird website.

Arnold de Graaf

Website updates.

Update 19 may 2021:
Ownerslist UK: Sean Chitty, 2006 Blackbird

Update 9 november 2020:
Ownerslist NL: Mike Thomson, 2005 Blackbird

Update 6 october 2019.
Ownerslist UK: NEW: Stephen Hill, 2003 Blackbird (Blue)

Update 1 october 2019.
Owerslist Belgium:
NEW: Geert Naeyaert with mods and photo.

January 2019 the website has been updated.

The modifications are now included in the ownerslist. It is just a click on the button to view the modifications.

I do have a request for all former Blackbird owners who are still listed as Blackbird owners: let me know by e-mail and I will remove your name if you have sold your Blackbird.

Updates Photo Gallery: