Super Blackbird


Specifications - CBR 1100XX (ED-type) '97
Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird
Engine Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16 valve DOHC inline 4
Bore x Stroke 79 x 58mm
Displacement 1,137cc
Compression ratio 11:1
Carbs 42mm slanted flat-slide CV x 4
Max. Power 164PS/10,000rpm
Max. Torque 12.7kg-m/7,250rpm
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
Starter Electric
Transmission 6-speed
Final Drive 'O'-ring sealed chain
Dimensions 2,160x720x1,170mm (LxWxH)
Wheelbase 1,490mm
Seat Height 810mm
Ground Clearance 130mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 22 litres
Wheels Hollow-section triple-spoke cast
Tyres Front Bridgestone BT 57 - 120/70 ZR17 Radial
Rear Bridgestone BT 57 - 180/55 ZR17 Radial
Suspension Front 43mm Cartridge-type fork, 120mm travel
Rear Pro-link with gas-charged damper, rebound adjustable 120mm travel
Brakes Front 310mm dual disks with "dual combined" three-piston calipers
Rear 256mm single disk with three-piston caliper
Dry weight 223kg

Specifications - CBR 1100XX 1999

The specifications are mostly the same as the '97 and '98 models.

The exeptions are:

  • fuel injection
  • the Ram-Air system
  • the fuel tank capacity is now 24 instead of 22 litres

CBR 1100 XX 2001

Updated for 2001, the Blackbird becomes more of a colorful beast with a selection of new colors, well, just silver really and a black frame! Realizing that they have been spanked on the performance front by the Hayabusa and ZX-12R, Honda are consolidating the Blackbird's position by focusing the bike more towards fast touring that sporty touring. The screen on the 2001 bike is taller to allow for longer, wind free trips at high speeds. That'll be motorways then. A new set of clocks has the tacho mounted in the center of the panel with LCD readouts either side. A styling hint taken from fighter planes maybe…. To keep ahead of impending emissions laws the Blacky gets cats only seen on the German and Austrian bikes before. Honda claims that the new catalyst can reduce emissions without reducing the awesome power of the 1100cc missile. To achieve this the exhaust system has been tweaked, and the result is not just an equal amount of power, despite the cats, but an extra 11bhp.

The Honda CBR 1100 XX Promo video.

The Blackbird reliable?......Yes it is!

Mike Via's Super Blackbird has reached the 100,000 miles mark! Needless to say that it was without any big problems! Mike has traded his '97 Blackbird (with 104,763 miles on the clock) in for a 2003 Blackbird.


This is Blackbird with serial number 124. The owner Paul Federczyk (USA) wanted to know who has a lower serial number. On September 12, 2011 I received an e-mail from Cor Waning (NL) that he does have a lower serial number: M00051. His Blackbird is from September 1996.

Performance data

Source: Motorrad (German motorcycle magazine) source: Motor (Dutch motorcycle magazine)
Performance data magazines
acceleration solo acceleration solo
0-100 km/h 2,8 sec 0-100 km/h 2,4 sec
0-140 km/h 4,6 sec 0-150 km/h 4,7 sec
0-200 km/h 9,2 sec 0-200 km/h 8,7 sec
acceleration (with passenger) acceleration in 3rd gear (6th gear)
60-100 km/h 4,4 (5,6) sec 50-120 km/h 3,9 (7,8) sec
100-140 km/h 4,5 (5,7) sec 80-140 km/h 3,3 (6,3) sec
140-180 km/h 4,8 (7,0) sec 100-160 km/h 3,2 (6,7) sec
fuel consumption (liter/100km) fuel consumption (km/liter
speed 100 km/h 5,3 l/100 km highest 1:9,9
speed 180 km/h 7,8 l/100 km lowest 1:17,5
average on secundary roads 5,9 l/100 km average 1:14,8


Kimmo Koskenniemi from Finland send the results of the Dynorun of a '99 Blackbird and a photo of the test. First the results of the stock Blackbird. The difference is clear when you compared the stock XX and with Yoshimura and Dynokit

CBR 1100 XX  stock
RPM Nm  Hp


 93,0  46,0
   4000         104,0  61,0
   5000         108,0  77,0
   6000         114,0 100,0
   7000         133,0 128,0
   8000         127,0 148,0
   9000         123,0 171,0
 10000         110,0 166,0
 11000           98,0 155,0
The Dynojet run
CBR 1100 XX + Yoshimura RS-3 (4 into1) + Dynojet
RPM Nm  Hp


  4000 112,0  64,0
  5000 119,0  84,0
  6000 114,0 106,0
  7000 141,0 141,0
  8000 138,0 159,0
  9000 138,0 178,0
 10000 127,0 184,0
 11000 117,0 181,0
Kimmo at Kemora

Bikefox Dynotest & Tuning

Kimmo is owner of Bikefox and is a Dyno tuner since 1991. At the moment (2016) he rides a Suzuki GXR1000 K8 ( 200 hp at rear tyre, about 240 hp at ram air engine by teoretic and 175 kg dry weight, Yoshi enginemanagement, Kit pipe, cams head port by Bikefox etc...).

Click on the Bikefox logo to visit his site.
Bikefox is also on .

2016 - Kimmo at Kemora (Suzuki GXR1000 K8)