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Name City XX Year Info
CBR 1100XX owners list Canada
Andy Allen 2000
Carl Belanger    
Peter Brodie 1999
  • D&D slip-ons
  • changed bar-ends
  • blue aniodized foot pegs
Scott Brooker Beulah, Manitoba

Modifications to the bike:

Added 5 Gallon Fuel Cell (top of Givi Rack);  2 Givi E460 Side Cases;  HeliBars Handle bar risers; Hot Grips (heated hand grips); PIAA 910 Driving lights; Givi Windscreen; Scottoiler; Stage One Jet kit / K&N Filter; Corbin Saddle; Garmin GPS III+

The Hot Grips / PIAA's / Fuel Cell all are controlled with this moeller switches that are connected to 6 relays under the seat to handle current to put less stress on the switches. Each switch has a LED to indicate when its ON, the Top switch runs the Hot grips and have a 2 color LED, Green on low setting and Red on High.. middle switch is for the PIAA's when on the left side PIAA comes on and shines up the road to the right (so not to blind oncoming drivers) when the high beams are on the right PIAA comes on, this one shines off to the left...
The Third switch operates a electronic fuel valve switching between the front a rear tank..

The GPS III+ (mounted on handle bars) also works good to monitor the bikes electrical system as it has a data field for voltage.. this comes in handy since all accessories on will over power the alternator and start to run down the battery... (I also run a heated jacket)

Under the seat you find the 6 relays, a cig lighter adapter and the data cable to the GPS (just in case you want to hook in the laptop or cell phone :)

The Fuel valve, this fits nice in the big space under the fuel tank

and me with my bike.

Eric Bossé Ontario 2000
Vincent Bouvier Montreal 2000
Dwight Brown 1999
  • Hindle Carbon/Oval Slip-On's
  • Gorilla Alarm
  • LP Tank Bra
  • LP Tint Windscreen
Donald Buell 1999
Dale Burak 2003
Leonard Berglund 1999 blue
Charles Bond 2001
Steve Broadhead Calgary 2003
Ross Brotzman 2002
Dave Burgess  
Glen Chapple Mallorytown, Ontario 2000
J.Darryl Charron London, Ontario 2000
Leigh Cohoe Ontario 2001
Vince Coia   1999
Graham Cole 2000
Robert Cooper Ontario 1997
  • Corbin Gunfighter & Lady w/backrest
  • Frank thomas tankbag
Joe Cousins Kelowna BC 1997
Chris Downing Toronto
Gary Enderud 1998
Chris Fesiuk 2000
  • Corbin seat, ART Race Cans (alloy polished)
  • Polished swingarm,
  • Throttlemeister, 
  • Tank Bra
  • K&N Filter
Dennis Fitzpatrick Windsor, Ontario 1999
Keith Formosa 1999
Gerald Froese Sherwood Park - Alberta 2001
Marc Gaultier
Fred Gerry Galgary, Alberta 2000
Tom Gibos Sherwood Park Alberta 2000
Bill Giesbrecht 2000
Bruno Goyette Quebec
Lynn Greydanus 2002
Stephen Hall 2000
  • zero gravity double bubble windscreen in blue,
  • GIVI wingrack system with 52L trunk in blue
Michael Hart 2000
  • Micron 4-2-1 full race exhaust system
  • Power Commander II
  • Rear Hugger
  • TBR fender eliminator kit
  • Mag-Knight tank bra
Russ Haycock 2001
  • Phillips Lockhart Tank Bag
  • Helibars
  • Micron Carbon Full Exhaust
Kieran Healy Toronto, Ontario 2000
  • Helli Bars (1.5”)
  • Corbin seat and ladies backrest
  • Zero Gravity Windscreen
  • Corbin Beetle Bags
  • Last year I purchase a “Motorcycle Carrier”. It works great !
Hall Higgins 2000
Rob Hill

I recently followed Mike Curry's tips on carb mods. After the installation of a K&N with no jetting the XX ran horribly, shim up the needles with a couple of #4 washers and it works great.

A tip:
If you use soft luggage for the odd trip and are worried about how easily the finish scratches on your bike, try buying a roll of the magnetic window tinting. It is cheap and available at any automotive store, cut a piece to fit your rear flank or tank and stick it on a clean bike. It will take all the abrasions of your luggage and road grime and can be peeled off instantly to produce a scratch free finish.

Henri Houl
Steve Hunt
Tom Hunt 2000
  • K&N filter, 
  • Spiegler stainless steel clutch line & brake lines
  • 2002 Honda windshield
Ken James
Colin O'Brien 1997
W. Scott Kilbreath 1999
  • Corbin Saddle bags painted Blue to match.
  • Ohlins rear shock.
  • Front forks - I changed the fork springs from stock 0.89kg/mm to race-tech springs with a rate of 1.0kg/mm and a length of 315mm.  I have also installed the race-tech gold valve kits for both compression and rebound.  The compression valving arrangement is c33 and the rebound valving arrangement is c19 (race-tech charts which come with the kits explain the "c" numbers).  The fork oil is 5w weight. 
  • Brakes - Replaced all stock pads with EBC - HH pads. 
  • Tires - Have used D205s (stock - they were ok), Metzler's ME-4A (worked fine) and will try D207s next. 
  • LP 1/2 tank bra. 
  • Re-greased all suspension pivot points (front & back); because I found there were poor lubricated. 
  • Future - Factory Pro shift kit 
  • Future - Throttlemeister. 
Darryl Kolewaski 2002
Brian Lacher 1999
  • Double Bubble Tinted Screen
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Rear fender modification
  • Tiny Carbon Fiber Signal Lights
  • Tank Bra
  • Soon to be added Pipes
Martin Landry Ste-Anne-Des-Lacs, Quebec 2002
Jay Lin Toronto 1998
  • D&D carbon slip-on cans
  • Frank Clarke soft luggage
Scott McCallum 2002
  • Kappa hard bags 2 40 litre and 42 litre,
  • Oxford tank bag,
  • Tank Bra
  • new Givi windshield on the way
  • Throttlemeister
Tere McDonald 2002
  • exhaust system
  • K&N filter
Jimmy Mitchel  Toronto
Wade Morris Moncton, New Brunswick 2000
  • Corbin Seat
  • Rear hugger
  • Venture pack system
  • Galfer stainless steel brake lines
Kevin Morrison Victoria 1999
  • LP Half tank Bra
  • Muzzy Exhaust
  • handgrip heaters
  • electric vest
Jim Murphy Calgary, Alberta 2000
Darrell Northcott Vancouver, British Columbia 1999
Mark Obst 2000
Tim Parish 2002
Pierre La Pierre 2001
  • Corbin seat,
  • Viper alarm system,
  • polished frame and wheels.
Tim Power Mississauga, Ontario 2002
Michael Raber Toronto
Pierre Robert
John Robertson 2000 Modifications: Givi rack + cases
Sylvain Robitaille Quebec 1998
  • Givi system
  • Genmar handle raisers
Alain Thivierge 2003
Dave Sheppard 2000/td>
Mike Stevely Whitehorse, Yukon
Garth Stevenson
Erik St-Germain 2000
R.R. Sullivan
Roger Symington 1998
  • Hub center steering
  • 4" wheels front and rear with 175-60 tires
  • GX racer sidecar
Sandeep Thind 2002
J.P. Tremblay
Christine Unhola 1997
Douglas Walker Victoria B.C.
Chris White 2000
Pat White London, Ontario 1999
  • K&N filter
  • cruise control
Gowyn Wilcox 1999
Kevin Williams 1999
Wone K. Yip Calgary
Ed Calgary 1999
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