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Super Blackbird Owners

Name City XX Year Info
CBR 1100XX owners list UK
Terry Abbott 2003
Jude Aldinger 1999
Rick Allies Midlands 1997
Peter Allison 2002
  • Gilles rear set
  • Corbin seat
  • Givi screen
  • raise rear suspension
  • heated grips


  • Tried Gilles rear set, beautiful kit, but gear lever fouled exhaust in every position unless gear lever put in awkward position. Brake side fitted in one position only without fouling exhaust.
  • Corbin seat in carbon fibre finish, looks good, but had to return it, as seat base started to crumble at point where removable backrest is attached. Awaiting replacement.
  • Givi screen was a good improvement for speeds upto 120km/hr, above that buffeting just over top of screen becomes uncomfortable.
  • Raising rear suspension with 6mm spaces improves handling very noticably without effecting high speed stability.
  • Honda heated grips are excellent, would be without them in the UK.

Most extras supplied by Busters-accessories who have been very good and always helpful, even when goods have had to be returned.

Les Anger 1997
  • hugger
  • bar risers 
  • Double Bubble  screen 
  • baglux tank cover 
  • Baglux seat cover
Adam Appleby 1998 Modification: Meta M357T alarm/Imobiliser
Tony Arora
Paul Ashby 1999
  • K&N airfilter
  • Power Commander 2
  • rear hugger,
  • 1 tooth less front sprocket
  • Remus race end cans
  • black screen
  • Castrol Honda paint (Picture in Blackbird Photo Gallery part 8)
Mike Auty 1997
  • Polished Rims,
  • Double Bubble Screen.
Andy Awbery 1999
Ady Banner Barnsley 2002
  • MRA screen
  • Avon Azaros
  • Hugger
  • Frame plugs, Bar ends
  • Kappa Full luggage system
  • Baglux Tank cover,bag an seat cover
  • Dark Headlight cover
  • Powerpoint fitted for Satnav Garmin Quest
Dave Baglee 1997
  • Remus Race cans, 
  • polished rims
  • painted wheels
  • a bolt kit to fairings etc, 
  • smaller rear indicators 
  • and a few minor mods.
David Barnes Chesterfield 2001 Modification: Bubble screen
Tommy Barson 2000
Ian Bartholomew 2004
Paul Bennett 2004
Steve Bennett 1997
Jon Bent 1999
Ray Berry Cheshire
  • Seat cowl
  • ride hight adjustment
  • carbon fibre front mud gaurd
  • heated grips
  • white dials
  • clear indicators back and front with clear bulbs
  • clear rear light lense
  • removel and fitted blanks in sissy bar
  • Harpoon race cans
  • rear hugger
  • front headlamp cover with XX logo on.
Stephen Bethel
Dinesh Bharadva 1997
Andy Bird 1999
Eddy Blakeley Scarborough 2000
  • Double  bubble  screen
  • Hugger
Neil Bloor 1999
Shaun Bradbury 1999
Jim Bradshaw 1996
  • Renegade carbon race cans.
  • Carbon rear hugger.
  • Heated grips
  • Kappa luggage rack and 44litre back box
  • Stainless bar ends
  • Carbon yoke cover.
Bryan Bremner Merseyside
Paul Briars 1996
Ian B.
James Brown 1999
Keith Burgess Norfolk 2002
Phil Busby London 2000
Peter Carnes 1996
  • Bubble screen
  • Dynojet stage one kit
Dave Carroll 1999
  • Baglux tank cover
  • Rentec sports carrier
  • Scottoiler
Dave Carter 2005
Tony Carter 1999
  • Double bubble screen,
  • Datatool alarm
  • carbon hugger
Paul Cashmore
Colin Casettare Milton Keynes, Northhants 1998
Richard Chadwick 1999
Sean Chitty Blackpool 2006
Paul Cofield Doncaster 2000
Phil Colley 1999
Tony Cook 1999
  • Muzzy s/steel Endurance 4-1 exhaust system, aluminum end can
  • Power Commander
  • K&N filter
Steve Cruse North Yorkshire Area 1999
  • Blue.rear hugger
  • magic mushrooms
  • micro- indicators rear
  • new BT020 to front and BT 57 rear
Andy Cunningham
Mark Curtoys 1998
  • 4 into 1 Akrapovic exhaust system
  • Stage 1 Dyno Kit
  • K & N
  • Scottoiler
  • AV36 Rear AV35 Front
Keith Daley 1998
Dave Devine 2005
John I. Dixon 1998
  • Scott Oiler 
  • Hugger
  • Flip Extened Screen
  • Kappa Wingrack + full set
Roger Dorsett 1997
Anthony Farell
Steve Felmingham Surrey
Mike Fitzpatrick 2000
Jeff Francis
Paul French 1998
Dave Furniss 1998
  • black screen
  • top box
  • baglux tankbag
  • rear hugger
Paul Futter website
Colin Galway 1997
  • D/Bouble
  • Hugger
  • Pair of Scorpion Racing Cans (used mainly in Winter Months)
  • Front Fender Extender
Roger Ganley London
Gary Garner 1997
Michael Garnett Devon 1996
Alan Gaulton Bucks 2002
  • Carbon Fibre rear hugger
  • Carbon Fibre mudguard extender
  • Givi Monorack 2 with 2 x E360 panniers and 1 x E460 topbox
  • Baglux harness and tankbag
  • Blue/white headlight bulbs for enhanced night lighting
  • Scottoiler touring kit
  • Sol-alarm 815 alarm (immobiliser not used as Honda fitted them to this years model)
    • Future Mods
      • Corbin gunfighter seat
      • Flip screen
      • Car radio under seat (somewhere!!)
Nasser Ghovanlou-Poor 1996
Francis J Glover 2000
  • Powerbronze airflow tinted screen
  • headlight cover
  • Nonfango Luggage
  • Unknown fiberglass Hugger
  • Bagster tank harness
  • Meta Alarm

Airflow screen (Double Bubble Type) in Dark tint, Improves looks and Protection, also comes with excellent CBR1100XX Decal (Honda Quality) Nonfango Luggage, beautifully made, superb stability.

Ian Grandon
Steve Gray 1999
Barry Green 2002
  • NWS rear hugger
  • Datatool system 3 & pager
  • rear brake light combination
Paul Grice
Paul Gunn 2000
Dave Gurney
Trevor Hale 1998
  • Devil 4-2-1 exhaust system
  • Dyno Jet kit
  • ART rear hugger
  • 190/50/17 rear tyre
  • 16 tooth front sprocket
  • Double Bubble screen
  • Dauble h pads
  • ART tank protector
Richard Hall 1997
Nigel Hallmark 2000
Tim Hamblin Basingstoke 1997
  • Devil 4-2-1 exhaust system
  • Dyno Jet kit
  • ART rear hugger
  • 190/50/17 rear tyre
  • 16 tooth front sprocket
  • Double Bubble screen
  • Dauble h pads
  • ART tank protector
Peter Hamilton Weymouth Dorset 1999
  • nonfango full hard luggage
  • hand sprayed colour co-ordinated hugger
  • carbon tank shield
  • carbon fender extender
  • stainless steel engine bolt kit
  • stainless steel bar ends
  • tinted headlight cover
  • red double bubble screen
  • cool blue headlight bulbs
  • scotoiller
  • datatool vetoplus alarm

Pictures of Peter Hamilton's '99 Blackbird are in the Blackbird Photo Gallery 09.

Dave Harrison
Steve Harte 1997
  • speedscreen, double bubble screen.
  • flush fitting rr indicators
  • throttle lock.
  • scorpion oval carbon cans
  • dynojetting.
  • polished wheels,
  •  K&N filter
  • progrip gel grips.
Mark Hatfield 2006
Mark Hayward Warrington 1997
Martyn Heyes
Stephen Hill near London 2003 Blue Blackbird
Dave Hodgkisson 1997

Dave modified his '97 Blackbird with Micron racecans and a Dynojet kit. The following text is an extract of a posting he placed on the CBR mailing list (, regarding the Microns.

When I swapped from the ZZR-1100 to the XX I was extremely disappointed with the bottom end and midrange of the stock XX. Top gear roll-on from 2k went like this: Gentle increase in speed; dies (1st dip in power band); gentle surge: dies (2nd dip in power band @ 5k approx); then blast off at 7-8k. The carbs were fluffy just off the throttle stop, and throttle response felt like the link to the carbs was a rubber band. Totally unacceptable.

At this point the DynoJet kit was fitted. Much better. The first dip had gone, leaving the infamous 5k flat spot. The midrange was improved, and the throttle felt more direct. But still not 100% what I was after. So for me, fitting the DynoJet was well worth it. Down side is reduced range, about 145 miles to reserve, compared with 165 before, or 185 on the Zed.

Micron cansA few weeks ago I splashed out on a pair of Micron carbon slip-ons. Mainly for the looks (if I'm honest) and for some sound rather than the silence. The carbon cans look real cool, complimenting the black frame of the XX, and the sound is now a *muted* deep warble. They are not at all offensively load. At last, I can now play tunes as I filter thro the traffic.

If I was happy with the looks and the sound, I was *delighted* with the transformation in the performance. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was riding a different bike!!! It pulls from 2k. Top gear roll-ons from 4k are streets ahead of the Zed. At 90 mph (5k) the engine is barely getting into it's stride; it feels so relaxed and laid-back. But twitch the throttle and you get an
instant reminder of just how much power is still in reserve. It now feels like it could pull a few more gears, whereas the stock XX felt like top gear was an overdrive. Drive ablilty out of the corners is greatly improved. To sum up: the engine now has the racers edge missing in the stock XX. Oh, and the top end can now only be described as MANIC!! It has taken me nearly 2 weeks to find the redline again, such is the daunting impression the shear power gives. Unbelievable. I have never before ridden such a powerful motorcycle.

But don't let this put off the tourers amongst you: the paradox is that the improvements in the bottom end and mid range, together with the improved drive ability, make this XX much easier to live with when pootleing. So, fit a set of race pipes.

Howard Horton Wales 2001
Tony Hudson 2000
John Humphries
Chris Hood
  • a Kappa luggage system with 2x 40 liter panniers. 
  • a rear Hugger
  • a Scottoiler automatic chain lubricator for the English winters.
  • Spyball Patriot alarm
  • Head lamp protector

"The Kappa luggage fitted, which incidentally, now has a top plate fitted, to take another box, it may be of interest to others considering similar upgrades that there is a slight instability about 30-40mph, only showing itself however when taking hands off the 'bars (Yes I know, the answer is to keep hold of them!). I have noticed no instability at higher speeds, even at 120+".

Andy Hooper 1999
  • white wheels
  • hugger
  • double buble (detracts from the win blast of the standard screen)
  • helios bars (looks not altered but ride comfort much improved)
  • full Givi hard cases with inner bags pillion back rest and rack on top box.
  • tank cover and bag.
Conan Howard Kent
Jason Hughes 1999
  • carbon fiber hugger
  • double bubble screen
  • Micron end cans

"I've had fake and the real thing when it comes to carbon fiber huggers and on the black Blackbird nothing else but carbon will do. The screen is also black and gives just a little bit extra protection but it's a shame nobody can create after market accessories the same quality as Honda originals. But the ultimate is the round, carbon fiber 'MICRON' end cans. Easy to fit (half hour each) look great, sound fantastic and they certainly seem to make the bike go better. Just smoother but I could be getting carried away with the engine noise. There has been a lot of talk in the chat room about end cans and I know they're not cheap (�420 the pair) but on the fuel injected model they are a hell of a modification."

Tony Hull
Jonathan Issatt 2000
Clive Johnson Manchester 1999
  • Scottoiler
  • Helibar bars
  • hugger,
  • Garmin GPS Navigation
  • Fender extender
  • Magic Mushrooms
Nick Johnson 1997
  • hugger
  • Data tool
  • Vito Evo alarm, immobilizer.
Nigel Johnson 2000
  • Blueflame Titanium Oval Race Cans
  • Nonfango Luggage
  • Acumen Alarm
  • Rear Hugger
  • Front Fender Extender

Photo's of Nigel's Blackbird are in the Blackbird Photo Gallery 08.

Alan Jones 1999
  • Hugger
  • front mudguard extender
  • fairing protection bobbins
Russell Jones
Colin Jordan 2000
Neil King 2001
Paul Leadley York,  North Yorkshire 1999
  • M & P Headlight protector
  • M & P Tank protector
  • Full Dyno Kit
  • Nevo Double Bubble Screen
  • Ermax Candy red hugger
  • Acumen 911 Alarm
  • Scott Oiler
  • Front fender extender
Bob Ledger
Brian Douglas Lee 2003 Modification: Scorpion silencers
Chris Lees
Tim Livesey 1997
  • anodised bar end covers
  • Art carbon Fibre hugger (poor quality)
  • Blind spot mirrors from Halfords (highly recommended)
  • Scott oiler
  • orange headlight cover
  • orange screen
  • baglux tank cover (very good)
  • givi panniers and wing rack
  • Micron race carbon fibre silencers
  • dyno jet
  • K & N filters
  • extra friction plate in the clutch basket to reduce slip (but changing it to a lockup clutch soon)
  • techtronics quick shifter
  • techtronics shift lights
  • changed size of front and rear sprockets for better gearing.
  • NOS Nitrous oxide system
  • Cigarette lighter (handy for the heated waist coat and recharging the mobile)
  • Goodrich hoses for all break lines.
  • 150BHP at the wheel without Nitro 206 with.

A wheelie photo of Tim can be seen in the Photo Gallery 10.

Nigel Lomas
Clive London

" I bought a set of "Heli-Modified" after market handlebars for my Bird as I found the riding position a little uncomfortable as I was putting so much weight on my wrists.
Anyway I ordered them from the US. They were very helpful and did give me good service. I thought they would be cheaper direct from the States rather than through a Distributor in the UK but after I paid import duty and taxes I actually saved very little.
They are fantastic, they raise the std bars height by approx 1.5 inches and bring the bars back by an inch and approx. 1.5 inches wider. If you or your readers want full details they should contact
I have also fitted a Givi Wing Rack 2 and Maxia Monokey Topbox, brilliant for all types of loads and totally waterproof !!"

Timothy Long
  • Vito+ datatool alarm with datatag 
  • Givi wingrack with x2 36 liter side boxes and 45 liter top box. 
Robert Lloyd
John Macgregor 2000
  • cans
  • hugger
Gordon Mackenzie 1998
Jon Mackness Bristol 2001
Anth Martin 2000
Hugh Maw 1998
Trevor Maychell
Andy Maynard 1996
Mark McBride
Sean McCarthy 2000
Colin Mcguirk 1999
  • Rear hugger
  • Black Screen
  • Datatool veto plus Alarm
  • considering Smuggler Seat Red 
  • Removed indicators from mirrors and placed on Front Fairings
  • Rear Seat cowl (solo Seat) 
  • Colour Matched Red Hugger
  • Small rear indicators
  • Polished footrests
Mark McHugh Bristol 2002
B. McFarlane
Charlie Mclean
Trevor Meakin Nottingham
Nathan Merrills 1999
Rob Millar Cheshire 2000
  • Double bubble screen
  • Full Nonfango luggage
David Millard
  • set up for fast touring Nonfango hard luggage plus baglux tank cover/bag.
  • Stage 1 dynojet with K&N filte Acropovich race exhaust - improves mid range flat spot and adds about 7bhp on top end.
  • progressive rate front springs and stiffer rear spring give more feedback
Adam Miller Essex 1997
  • 'mushroom' frame/fairing protectors
  • 'fender extender' to the front mudguard. 
  • Spyball alarm, 
  • Givi Wingrack2, along with 2x36ltr pannier and a 50ltr topbox.  
  • smaller than legal number plate with the 'Euro GB' symbol on it."
Tony Mock 2000
Paul Moore 1997
Gary Morgan 2000
Paul Morgan
  • vfr bars
  • hyper pro spings front and rear
  • under tray rear hugger
David Murray
Stuart Nicholls 1999
Modification: ScottOiler
Mike Nolan Wiltshire 2005
  • grips
  • screen
  • hugger
Rob Owen/td> 1999
John Parsons
John Pemberton 1999
  • carbon fibre hugger
  • tank shield,just
  • Genmar risers
  • a double bubble screen
  • headlamp cover (just in case) 
Jamie Perrin 1999
Jon Pettet 1997
  • Fenda extenda,
  • META alarm,
  • heated grips,
  • carbon tank pad,
  • rear hugger,
  • Kappa carrier and top box,
  • Autocom system,
  • rear hugger,
  • scottoiler,
  • 100W headlamp bulbs,
  • headlamp cover
Barrie Price 1998
Philip Price 2000
John Pollard 1996
  • Dynojet kit
  • Remus pipes
Alan Ponting 1998
Mark Potter
Dave Poulter 2003
Tony Purnell Doncaster 1997
Trevor Rabey 1999 Website
Roy Rubacs 1997
  • micron 4 into 1 rase system
  • stage one dyno kit
  • k&n air filter
Dennis Rushmer Derbyshire 2000
John Roberts South Wales 2002
Stephen Roberts
  • Remus Carbon Exhausts
  • DynoJet kit
  • K&N filters.
Dave Robertson
Paul G. Robinson
Aidan Rose 1997
  • Givi hard top and side boxes.
  • Double bubble screen.
  • Baglux tank cover & bag.
Philip Rouse 1997
  • bubble screen
  • Corbin seat
  • gold wheels
Alan Sagar 2001
Derren Sarginson 1997
  • Rear Hugger,
  • double Bubble screen,
  • Scottoiler
  • polished alloy parts,
  • Nonfango hard luggage kit (Only fitted when touring)
Leigh Saunter 2002
  • Blue Flame Twinport exhausts
  • Power Bronze double bubble screen
  • Power bronze hugger

Comment: Blue Flame Twinport exhausts have been an absolute revelation.

Jon Savage 1999
W. Saxton 2001
Ray Searle 1996
Nigel Seear 2000
  • Double Bubble
  • Corbin Seat
  • Hugger/li>
  • Baglux Tank Bag/li>
  • Headlight Protector/li>
  • Heated Grips
Tristram Share
Bruce Sheppard 1997
  • double bubble screen
  • scott oiler
  • carbon fibre hugger
Gee Sides 1999
  • double bubble,
  • carbon parts
Rachel Singer 1997
Keith Smales Colchester
Gary Smith West Yorkshire 1999
  • Red bull paint
  • Iridium double bubble screen
  • Heated grips
  • Hugger
  • Carbon can co.anodised race cans
  • Motrax electronic chain oiler
Geoff Smith 1999
  • Iridium screen,
  • rear hugger,
  • heated grips,
  • gear indicator,
  • scotoiler,
  • painted and polished wheels, footrest hangers and forks
John Smith 2000
Modifications B.I.R.D. website
  • Bike to bike intercom permanently mounted under the seat.
  • Seat fairing vents glow red at night.
  • Special number plate with IXXRA logo behind the number.
  • Baglux tank cover and bag.
  • ScottOiler.
  • Harris Racing carbon fibre hugger
Nick Smith
Peter Smith Birmingham, West Midlands 2000
Steve Smith
Stephen Smith Cornwall
Simon Spiers 2002
Martin Spitty 1997
  • Ported
  • Gas flowed
  • Dynojet
  • Twin high level Renegade exhaust system
  • polished frame, swingarm, wheels, forks
  • silver paitwork
  • 154,5 Bhp rear wheel
Jack Stenson 1999
  • Hugger,
  • Double Bubble screen,
  • Datatool
  • Corbin Gunfighter/Lady seat
Chris Softley
Derek Stalker 1999
Keith Stapleton
Simon Sutton 1997
Barry Swallow 2004
Brin Taylor
Kevin Thomas
Andrew Turner Midlands 1999
  • Micron oval carbons
  • Hyper Pro suspension
  • underseat tray
  • hugger
Steve Wainwright 1999
D. J. Waite Swindon 2001
  • four into one race system
  • undertray seat cowl
Ian Walker Wetherby, West Yorkshire 1999
Modification: Oval "Redline" kevlar silencers
Melfyn Walters> Pontypridd Mid Glamorgan  2000
Bill Warburton 2000
  • Xenon HID headlight
  • twin tone horns
Alan Weedon Carmarthenshire, Wales 2001
Nigel Wells
Peter West
Jim White 50th Anniversary Blackbird
Mike Whitehouse Birmingham
Robert Whiteman Nottingham
Barry Wilkinson Website
Mark Willard
  • Remus exhaust pipes
  • Blue Bubble screen
Ian Willis
Nev Willis
Fiona Wilson 1998
Steven Wittin 2000
Ian Wood 2000
  • Double-bubble screen
  • Hugger
  • Givi wingrack, panniers and topbox
  • Scottoiler
Mick Woodham 2000
  • scottoiler
  • autocom pro7
  • spyball
  • rear ride height spacer
  • sports rack,\'melboy\'gelseat with colour matched piping
  • 100w main beam bulb
  • d/bubble screen
  • h/light protector.
Paul Woodward 1998
Andy 1998
Modification: Ohlins adjustable rear shock
Julian 1999
Dez 1999
Fossil N.W. England 1997
Graham 2000
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