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Super Blackbird Owners

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CBR 1100XX owners list
Giorgio Almagioni 1998
  • Termignoni carbon race cans
  • Magicalracing upper side lip and screen
  • CBR 929 front end with hand made billet alluminium yokes (no more dual CBS!)
  • Ohlins fork spring kit
  • discacciati master cylinder
  • zx dio tail light
Luigi Amatrudo Avellino 1998
Enzo Annunziata Avellino 2000
Corrado Broli
Sandro Battista Avellino
Paolo Cerasoli 1999
  • Dynojet kit stage 1
  • K & N filter
Sergio Corneliani 1998
Massimo Cristaldi Catania, Sicily 2004
  • Dynojet kit stage 1
  • K & N filter
  • Dunlop D207 GP tires
Davide Di Buduo 1997
Alberto Demuro 1997
Massimiliano Donati
Nicola Giunta 2000
Lorenzo Gorghetto 1997
  • Shark 4-2-1 Carbon
  • K&N air filter
Gianluca Mandro 1998
  • Ermax high windscreen
  • Givi Wingrack 2
Sandro Marcato

I’ve equipped my Blackbird with a complete set of bike-bags by Nonfango, another Italian producer that has recently brought out a new line of bags witch will be shown at the Munich Exhibition. My Honda dealer suggested it because the mounting rack disturbs less the shape of the bike. After waiting a month and a half, I’ve had one of the early sets of the new line: bags "Tuttolaterale" and top case "Tuttoturismo" (I don’t know the English name chosen by Nonfango, but the translation could be "AllSide" and "AllTouring"). The capacity is 42 l. for each bag and 44 l. for the top case; each bag can contain a helmet and the top case can contain a couple of helmets. I reached 210 km/h with bags, top case, magnetic tank bag (and wife) and the stability was still good; I haven’t tried over this speed (Italian motorway speed limits are 130 km/h!) By the way, I’ve heard from Honda Italy that Honda Belgium R. & D. studied a set of bags for Blackbird, but the project was aborted because the bike tend to become unsteady (I think around 280 Km/h J ).

CBR+bags&topcase.jpg (94883 bytes)

G. Molteni 2000
Andrea Negri 1999
Enzo Negro
Roberto Petrozzi 1997
Marco Simonini 1999
  • GIVI Maxia E52 + handmade rackmount
  • Corbin Beetle Bags
  • windscreen Zero Gravity double bubble
  • handmade passenger foot rest
Flavio 1998
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