Super Blackbird

Super Blackbird Owners

Name City XX Year Info
CBR 1100XX owners list Scotland (UK)
John Batt
George Bell
  • Akrapovic 4-1,
  • Dynojet,
  • K&N
Tony Belli 2001
Tom Benson Aberdeenshire 2001
Thomas Berry 1999
John Cormack 1999
  • a set of titanium exausts and 
  • a Superchips ICON race chip which I had set up on a dyno. The dyno charts show a slight bhp increase right across the power band with an increase from 60bhp to 75 bhp between 4500 and 6500 rpm and an extra 6 bhp from 9000 rpm to the limit. The torque has increased from 74 to 82 between 3500 and 5500 rpm and is very smooth line on chart .The difference riding the bike is the Blackbird rush now begins at 3500 rather than 6000 and my fuel consumption is now 175 to 200 miles on 20 liters, I am very pleased. Only problem I had was the difference in weight fro standard to titanium cans made suspension top out and had to re-adjust.
  • Corbin Smuggler seat which is good and 
  • Honda heated grips which is also good finally.
  • full Nonfango luggage and 
  • double bubble screen .
Craig Deans
  • Stainless header pipes with Venom race cans,
  • Colour coded Hugger,
  • colour code Krauser K5 top box,
  • Acumen Gear Indicator (Bonny red one of course),
  • New paint job in silver to the frame, rear hangers, front foot pegs, forks & swing arm.
  • Iridium screen.
  • Various Celtic art work with two main drawings on the side of the bike.
  • Silver & Red wheels.
  • Soon to be CBR XX Red & Black seat cover.
  • 2 x Neon lights at the top of the main fairings (Shows of the pictures brilliant at night).
Gary Duncan 1997
Colin Findlay
Paul Grant 1997
Mike Hay 1997
  • Full Givi Luggage 2 x 34 Litre side panniers & 1 x 38 Litre Top Box
Kevin Martin
Ronnie McInnes 2000 color: red
Joe Millbank
  • re valved forks,
  • Hyperpro springs
  • re-mapped injection system
  • Scorpion cans
  • polished forks, footpegs and cariers
  • repainted (photo in Blackbird Photo Gallery)
Dennis Mulgrew 1998
Graham Munn Dennyloanhead 1999
  • front mudguard extender
  • Red Fox carbon look hugger.
Robert Pirie 1997
  • Micron 4 into 1 exhaust system
  • Corbin seat
Russell Quinlan 1998 special paint
Campbell Robertson 2000
Sandy Smith 1999
  • Scottoiler [high cap.]
  • Headlamp protector
David  Southwell 1999
Keith Vevers 2000
  • Scorpion exhausts
  • hugger,
  • Scottoiler,
  • luggage
Graham West 2001
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