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United Arab Emirates
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CBR 1100XX owners list United Arab Emirates
Henry D'Silva Abu Dhabi 2000
Wael Jandali 2000
Mohammed Al Sawaya Dubai 1998
Barry Wade
    • Flip screen from MPS in England. Not exactly correct, it needed a lot of modification to fit and I had to cut nearly 50 cm off the top as it came too close to my face. Now it's on, I am very pleased with the result, it's a great improvement at high speed and I think it looks good too.

    • Micron slip-on exhaust cans with K&N filter and Dynojet kit. ( Many thanks to Dave Hodgkisson for his helpful tips and experiences). Believe what you have heard, it really transforms the performance.

    • De-linked brakes was an absolute necessity as a couple of times I nearly came off when the front locked when I was using the pedal at low speed in slippery conditions. From what I read today on the site, my arrangement seems similar to one mentioned.
      Mechanically it was not too difficult, but as stated, it would have been a sod to bleed. As I had the bike to bits, I took the system off and bled it on the bench. It can be done with care and patience but a mityvac bleeder makes life much easier. A bracket needs to be made up to eliminate the fork-mounted master cylinder. Mine is a bit of overkill, but it looks nice and is light.

    • I've made a plate up and welded it on the bottom of the side stand to stop it sinking into the sand which is a real problem here.

    • For the sake of showbiz, I've done a lot of polishing, chroming and fabrication of small parts in stainless steel. most of the original bolts etc. are ordinary steel and fester very quickly.

    • The bodywork has been given a right seeing-to. Although very pretty, the original Honda paint is very thin and fades in strong sun. The red I chose is a much more subtle wine colour and the wheels are a deep purple/blue pearl. I enlarged the side graphics and did the XX in a matching blue to add a bit of color and to break up the slab-sided look of the bike. Then a wedge shaped metallic black lower area was added to make the whole plot sleeker. Finally I rebuilt the tail section in fibreglass, adding indicators from the front of a BMW R1100S. This eliminated the cluttered looking indicator and mudguard assembly, as well as giving me a huge amount of under seat storage.

    • I junked the standard Dunlop tires well before the were half-worn as they were rubbish. On went a set of Michelin Hi-sports which made a huge difference, it was a totally new bike after that! 

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