Super Blackbird

Super Blackbird Owners

Name City XX Year Info
CBR 1100XX owners list USA
Jim Abbott 1996
  • Vance & Hines oval slip-ons
  • K&N filter
  • Michelin Pilot Sports
  • Dynojet kit
  • lower gear ratio
Howard Abel 2001
  • Akrapovic Carbon/Ti slip-ons (not avail. in U.S.)
  • K&N air filter
  • Dyno-jet
  • Powercommander Dyno-tuned (remapped and ignition curve altered) for optimum performance
  • forks reworked by Lindemen Eng. Suspesion specialists
  • Penske shock
  • NWS Carbon rear hugger
  • U.K.spec hand switched
  • U.K.spec rear tail light lens (eliminates liscense plate bracket and extra light) and rear turn signals (smaller, tuck in closer and are diamond shaped)
  • xenon headlight bulbs
  • Baglux full tank cover and tank bag
  • TSR brake delink kit
  • TSR billet top fork bridge
  • TSR billet rear sets
  • Hyper-Pro steering damper (custom fabbed brackets to fit)
  • Custom fabbed rear can hangers,
  • TSR billet sprocket cover.
Ken Adair
John Adam 1997
  • Corbin Seat (Gunfighter & Lady)
  • Electric Vest Hook-up (Widder Vest)
  • Vista-Cruise
  • Ventura Bike Rack
  • Eclipse Interstate Soft Saddlebags
  • Spartan Tankbag
  • Heli-Bars
  • Givi windscreen
  • Kimpex Heated Grips 
  • a Mini-Disk Player with handlebar mounted remote control. I have the Mini Disk Player mounted on the dash (the Givi shield gives me some extra room between the gauges and the shield) in a neoprene pouch designed to hold a walk-man type tape player. It's hard-wired to the bike's electrical system for power when the ignition is "on". The remote is also hardwired to the unit and mounted on the left handlebar. The headphone output from the unit is wired to a headphone extension cable which is stored under the seat when not in use. When in use, I run the cable between the seat & tank and plug in the headphones (which are in the helmet). I have a "Communicator" on the helmet which accepts a music input source, and amplifies it. I connect it to this for now, but I have plans to install the Honda-line CB Radio (originally designed for the Valkyrie), which also accepts a music input source, and uses J & M Headsets. I will then connect the Mini Disk player permanently to the CB Radio so both CB & Music will be delivered through the headset. I have used CD Players in the past, but the Mini Disk performs WAY BETTER. No skipping, smaller size, easy access to change disks-even while riding (at your own risk).
Ric Adler
Jim Aleksa
Carlos Alvarez Tucson, AZ CBR1100XX forum
Adam Anderson Novato, Ca
  • Helibar 1" riser bars. And his opinion: "Man I thought I could ride the bike long distance before, you can now ride for days straight and hundreds of miles and feel nothing I am in love all over again."
Jay Andrews 2001
Ivan Antich 1999
Mark Armer 2000
  • Ventura pack rack
  • Nep throttle lock
Paul Armstrong Midland, TX 1997
  • changed  head bearings  to roller type.... they are much better an more durable. This modification is a snap and a must for those of us that prefer to ride on one wheel!!
  • readjust airscrews on the carbs and shimmed up needles up a bit, this really seems to help the 6 to 7 grand bog.
  • full Yoshimura race exhaust
  • a set of Yoshimura stage 1 cams
  • The front sprocket dropped on tooth. Awesome performance gain. 
Sean Auton 2003
  • Heli Bars
  • Honda ST 1300 Heated Hand Grips
  • Throttle Meister
Richard Bako Portland, Oregeon
Marlon Balkstra 1999
  • 2001 factory windshield(double bubble)
  • Spiegler superbike bar kit
  • coated s/s clutch line
  • Throttlemeister
  • Kisantech headlight/brakelight modulators
  • Corbin C/F gunfighter
  • MagKnight C/F tank protector
  • Givi E360 saddlebags and traffic topcase
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • Racetech goldvalves, forksprings and forkoil
  • K&N airfilter
  • Dunlop D220's.


  • Corbin C/F gunfighter and lady
  • Spiegler brake line kit (9 lines $440.00)
  • Staintune exhaust
Michael Bangert
Dana Bartholomew Las Vegas, Nevada
Richard Barquest Seattle - WA
SeaJay Bayne
Ali Bayou
  • Tank Bra
  • Tinted Shield
  • Silver Decals
  • K&N filter
  • Dyno Jet kit 
Val Bednarski Minneapolis, MN 2002
Kevin Beehn Vacaville - CA 1999 Photo
Alan Belnap 1997
Aaron Benedetti 2000
  • NWS Wheel hugger.
  • Heli-risers to be installed.
  • next: tall windscreen.
Ron Bennett San Diego, CA 1997
Steve Bennett Santa Cruz, CA 1997
Bruce Berg 2000 Modification Two Brothers Racing 4-2-1 full header system
Chad Berkan Madison Wisconsin
Doth Black NH
  • AirTech racing tail and
  • black speedscreen
  • modified the tail by replacing the turn signals with smaller aftermarket ones and lifted plate.
Gary Blackhurst 1997
  • Zero Gravity windscreen
  • Throttlemeister
  • Venture Pak bags
  • Lockhart-Phillips tank bra
  • Roadgear tankbag
  • Michelin Macadam 90 tires."
Mark Boehne 2000
Eric Bong California
Bruce Bone Fort Wayne
  • Throttle Meister 
  • Two Brothers Dual Slip-on Ovals
  • Corbin Gunfighter Saddle in Black Leather (with the removable backrest)
  • GIVI Windscreen
  • GIVI Monorack system" with the 300 series top case in painted black. 
  • Valentine One Radar mounted on top of a "Saeng" tank mount with "Valentines" head phone accessory jack 
Dan Booher Seattle 2002
  • gel grips
  • throttle control
  • plan on Heli Bars and 4:1 pipe.
Todd Borandi Utah Modification: two brothers 2-1-2 carbon fiber slip-ons
Omar Boswell San Jose CA
Paul Bremer 1997
  • Yoshimura 4 into 1
  • Factory jet kit.
  • K&N - filter
Frank J. Bridges 1998
  • Corbin seat
  • Heli bars
  • Zero Gravity windshield
  • rear hugger
  • removed rear fender
Donald Brister Texas
George Brown Juneau - Alaska
Lance Brown Michigan 1997 & 1999
  • Ventura bike pack system
  • Throttlemeister throttle lock 
Bob Brunelle
Lopes Bruno 1997
David Buffington
  • Helibars
  • Givi screen.
Seth Burmaster Southern, New Jersey 1999
Mark Burns St.Petersburg FL 1999
Scott A. Campbell 1997
Sal Capra Lakeland, FL
  • Two brothers Stainless 4 to 1 to 2 on right side, Sound is a cross between a 4 to 1 and slip-ons.
Mac Carkhuff Minneapolis
  • Vance and Hines Carbon fiber slip-ons
  • Factory Jet kit 
  • Lockhart tank bag
  • Black Lever Skins
  • Gorilla Alarm system
Jim Carr
Michael Carlson< 1999
Patrick Casey Santa Fe - NM
Bob Chappuis 1999
  • Corbin Gunfighter & Lady
  • Heli Bars
  • Throttlemeister
  • Givi luggage system
Allan Catellier 2000
Scott Chagnon 1999
  • Two Brothers Full System-Carbon Fiber Can
  • K&N Filter
Thorick Chow California
B. Ciggs Texas 2000
Ken Cyr Irving - Texas
Gary Cooper 1998
  • Vance & Hines 4 into 1 carbon fiber exhaust,
  • stage 1 jet ,
  • dark smoke wind screen
  • head light cover
Steve Cooper Santa Cruz - CA
Vince Chrisman Michigan
Kevin Christenson 1997
Wayne Churchill 2000
Rick Clemon 1998 Modification: V&H SS2R Slip-On's
Joe Clemons 1999
Mike Coffman 2000
Chelo Cole 2000
Ed Cole
Larry Cole
  • Lockhart Euro windscreen
  • Full Vance & Hines header, carbon fiber race can
  • 16 tooth front sprocket
  • +2 degree Factory ignition advancer
  • No jet kit, shimmed the needles .060 thousands, 3 turns out on the air/fuel mixture screws, 145 main jets on the outside, 147.5 on the inside cylinders.
  • Lowered the rear 2 1/2" by redrilling the struts.
  • Lockhart cbr signature half tank bra.
Michael Curry Jackson - California
  • Carb. adjustments I've made so far: I've replaced the stock washer under the needle with 2 brass #4 washers, available at Orchard Supply (osh # 9081746) (or any reasonable hardware store) having a combined thickness of a little more than 1mm. The stock washer has a thickness of just under .5mm, measured on my vernier caliper. I dressed the washers on a sheet of 300 grit wet/dry paper laied on a flat surface to remove burrs and ensure uniform thickness. This, in combination with the K&N filter, provide creamy throttle response from idle to 7k rpm. I haven't wound it out yet (where can I do that?) so I don't know how it runs to redline. Not bad, for a $75 filter and 39 cents worth of brass washers.  Oh, yes, I'm working with a California spec. bike. 
  • ThrottleMeister throttle lock
  • Heli-bars handlebars
  • Corbin seat
  • Givi Windscreen DH196
  • Givi Luggage (Monokey E460 x 1, Monokey E360 x 2, Wingrack)
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Factory Ti-Pro Jet kit CRB-H75-1.1-ti (
  • Factory Ignition advance kit RTR-ADJ-HON-008 (
Russ Clouse Wisconsin
Bill Courage 1998
  • Two Brothers Full exhaust
  • Corbin Smuggler seat
James Cross 1997
Kevin Crenshaw 1997
J. "Greg" Daignault 2001
Michael Dale 1997
John D'Alto Indiana
  • Corbin seat
  • Heli bars 
Seth Daniels 1997
  • Akropovic full exaust w/ carbon can
  • K&N air filter
  • Factory jet kit
  • Yoshimura Stage 1 cams
  • dropped a tooth on front sprocket
  • RC Components Triton Wheels chromed
  • Dunlop D207 tires 190 rear
  • 152 HP on the dyno (VERY GOOD)


  • Smoke windscreen
  • Givi bags and wingrack (used for long trips but not normally mounted)
  • Givi taller windscreen for longer trips
Jon Danek
Mike Davenport 1999
Perry David Montana 1999
  • chrome wheels
  • chromed side covers
  • spigler brake and clutch lines
  • DID gold series chain and sprocket
  • Corbin smuggler seat
  • Corbin hard bags
  • Wolf tank bag and braw
  • front and rear tritronic modulators
  • Michelin Macadam 190
  • digi gear indicator
  • Olion steering damper
  • Cheeta wind screen
  • throtel rocker
  • temp & humitity stick
  • Race Tech gold valves
  • 12 volt accessory socket
  • cd-player with helmet speakers
  • Wolf trunk bag
  • Maping system 2 user friendly
  • Heli-Bars
  • Chrome chain guard
Jeff Davis 1999
  • D&D Show and Go Chrome full exhaust system w/aluminum canister (4-to-1)
  • blacked out turn signals
  • HID simulated headlights
Bruce Dean Conifer - Colorado 1998
Matt Dean
  • Yoshimura Full System
  • Chrome wheels
  • 16 tooth counter sprocket
  • lots of polishing.
Eric Delgado 1997
  • Muzzy exhaust
  • stage III jet kit
  • new sprocket,
  • lockhart grips,
  • polished frame,
  • polished rims
  • tank bra.
Leroy Deramus 2001
Frank Derris
  • CBR900 (fireblade) rear shock with 15 spring, works great and is full adjustable (bolts in without mods)
  • Race Tech fork valves (emulators) single best improvement in handling
  • Metzler MEZ4 tires
  • Heli bar risers
  • Corbin gunfighter saddle
  • tapeworks custom graphics, (
  • Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen
  • polished rims
  • pro-lite front brake rotors
  • Two Bros carbon fibre pipe
  • Factory jet kit (tons of power, wheelies at 65 mph).
John Deutschlander Austin, Texas
RJ Diepeveen California
D.R. Doan Scottsdale - Arizona
  • D&D carbon fiber slip-on mufflers (sound great!)
  • custom radar detector mount designed by Saeng/TA. The mount will screw in to the existing mirror hole underneath the right side mirror
  • Valentine One detector. 
  • a pair of their Quick Scan mirrors. 
Alan Dozier Virginia Beach, VA 1999
  • Heli bars, 
  • Yoshimura RS-3 Exhaust, 
  • Yoshimura Tank Skin
Paul Douglas Massachusetts
Ryan Dunkle Rapid City, SD 1999
Kevin DuPont California
Charles J. Duray Michigan
Rich Dusseault Connecticut 2003
Bob Early 1997 + 2000
  1. 1997 XX:
    • Yoshimura 4-1 exhaust
    • Dynojet
    • K&N filters
    • ignition advancer
    • 190/50 Dunlop D207
    • alarm
    • polished parts
  2. 2000 XX:
    • Yoshimura 4-1
    • Power Commander
    • 190/50 Dunlop D207
    • alarm
    • polished parts
Michael Eckroth Greer, South Carolina 1998
  • full Erion racing exhaust system
  • jet kit in the carburetors
Ted Edgar Sebring, Florida 1997
Jason Edmonds Lincoln, Nebraska
Chip Ehlers Charlotte, North Carolina
Gary Emerson 2002
  • Erion full 4-1 titanium exhaust system

I've no RWHP ot T figures to give you for comparison, but can tell you it out accelerates stock \'02 & \'03 YZF-R1s, is easier to get off the line due to its increased wheelbase, and has a higher top speed.....with an old 67 year old fart under the paint.

Such a great sportbike that can be used for limited touring (at least as far as I\'m concerned).  Very good passenger comfort.  Still runs like a spotted ape with 2-up.

Paul Evans Seattle
Jim Farnham Carson City, Nv 1999
Lonnie Farrare
Jay Fazekas Dublin, Ohio 1998
  • Micron full exhaust system
  • jet kit
  • K & N filter.
  • cleaned up the back end by cutting the plastic and taking out the license plate light. 
Tim Finley Houston, Texas 1998
Eric Fleck
  • Ohlins type 4 shock
  • carbon hugger/chain guard
  • custom tail section (turn signals in body) 
  • Texas Fairing under seat pan
  • carbon front fender
  • Vance & Hines Carbon cans
  • Dymag wheels 
  • Mag night 
  • carbon tank guard
  • Race tech fork springs and oil.
Mark Fletter Martinez, California 2001
Lee Flory 1997
  • Erion carbon exhaust
  • Corbin beetle bags
  • Corbin gunfighter and lady saddle
  • Throttlemiester
  • tinted windscreen
  • Genmar risers
Jeffrey Foland 1999
B. Franklin 1997
  • Erion Racing slip-ons
  • Erion Jet Kit
  • K & N air filter
  • polished wheels
  • speed screen (smoked in color)
Komsant Frederick 1998
  • Yoshimura pipe
  • Dynojet stage one kit
  • own ram air modification + NO2 kit!!"
Carl J. Freed Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Two Bros 4-2-1-2 C2 Carbon fiber exhaust
  • Givi Rack system with E360 side bags and a E460 top bag.
Michael Freeman 2000 Modification: Corbin seat
Eric Fritts
Randy Frost 1999
Keith Fuqua 2000 + 1997
John Garber
Tim Gelbar 1998
Steve Gibson Mountain View, California
Ray B. Gilbert Madison, GA 2000
  • D&D Stainless/Chrome Show-n-Go Slip Ons
  • wheels chrome plated
  • Polished frame & swing arms
  • Added chrome decals from TAPEWORKS 
Greg Girard 2000
Randy Glaze Manteca CA 2000
Rick Glover Clearwater
Joe Gordon 1997
  • Jet kit
  • Two Brothers Racing dual exhaust
Lance Gorton 2000
John D. Grissom
Jason Gulmire 1997
  • Yosh. race exhast,
  • Factory jet kit,
  • Dyna 2000 ignition,
  • Falicon billet clutch basket,
  • MRE \"2 stage\" lock-up,
  • Sprocket Specialist sprockets,
  • Zero Gravity \"Double Bubble\" windscreen

1/4 mile Best ET 10.41, Best MPH 135.6, stock height and wheelbase.

Jason Gundlach 1998
Mike Higgs 1999
  • Shortened rear fender and turn signals.
  • Ignition anti-theft system.
Bill Hadley 2000
  • Erion Bros. headers and titanium can
  • Dyno-Jet
  • Power Commander
  • removed the rear signal lights in the two holes in the rear cowling.
Gerrad Hall 1997 Modification: Vance and Hines Carbon Fiber Slip-Ons
Ron Hall Albuquerque, NM 2000
  • ZERO GRAVITY Sport Touring Windscreen, Smoke color (part # 12-425-02). In addition, I've added some Saeng/TA "Stealth Edging" to further reduce the wind noise 
  • raised handlebars about 3/4" just by unscrewing the main hex bolt on the "riser" and sliding it up, the re-tightening the bolt. This helps keep the weight off my hands due to my 6'2" frame, plus it's cheaper than getting the $130+ Heli-Bar riser.
  •  I've replaced the stock handgrips with some inexpensive thicker foam grips,
  • Vista Cruise throttle lock by making one or two modifications to the existing design.
  • TourMaster TB-17 Tail Bag and the TB-12 Magnetic Tank Bag. These are very good investments for the 'touring' part of the Blackbird.
  •  TWO BROTHER'S C-5 Oval Titanium slip-on's. "This has been the best modification to my bike yet. The sound is AWESOME, it adds more horsepower in the high-end (I can actually get the front end to lurch from 4-5-6 gears). Plus, these pipes deleted 15 pounds off the bike - handles a little better now, not to mention the color goes excellently with the Titanium color of the bike. Overall, I'm VERY pleased with the pipes."
  •  And last, not really a "modification," but I got a personalized license plate which says "FIRFX." This is in reference to the 1980's movie starring Clint Eastwood where he steals the Russian plane, the MiG-31/Firefox. In the movie, it's the fastest plane in the world with some very interesting technology. All the other good ones, BLKBD - SR-71 - DBL X, were taken here in Arizona.
  • Hot Grips heated hand grips
  • modified license plate by removing the license plate light/mount, drilled two holes in the plastic and moved the license plate flush with the bottom of the red reflector. "I did this because no one makes a good fender eliminator kit for our bike yet".
  • With the remaining wire from the license plate light, I've modified a car cigarette lighter AC/DC adapter to power my CD player in my tank bag, which I have hooked up to my HJC-FRS Chatterbox communication system
Bruce Hansen 2002
  • Givi E52/E41 on Five Stars rack
  • Givi Windscreen
  • Shrooms
  • Fender Extender
  • Radiator Guard
  • Power Plate (5 accessories/1 battery)
  • Power Plug (wired to battery port)
  • BatteryDoc
  • HotGrips
  • VistaCruise
  • ThrottleRocker
  • Headlite Cover
  • Headlite Modulator (Signal Dynanmics)
  • Foglites (Hella)
  • Tankbag (Oxford Ultra)
  • Tankbra (LP 1/2)
  • HawkeOiler
  • Cover (Dowco)
  • Service Manual (Haynes)
Roger Hanson Snohomish, Washington 2003
Graig Hattaway 2001
Sam Hamblet Jewett, New York
Tarek Hamdi 2000
Mike Hand Sioux City 2000
  • Tank Bra
  • Tank bag
  • Givi Removable Hard Bags
Fredric Harvey
Michael Hausknecht 1999
Darrell Hebert 1998
  • digital gear indicator
  • double bubble screen
  • frame sliders
  • Mag-Knight tank bra
Eric Heddles Houston, Texas
  • Erion 4-2-1 exhaust (doesn't give as much hp as they claim)
  • degreed cams
  • Factory jet kit needles
  • Keihin jets
  • Serdi Valve job
  • milled head surface (to get compression back to stock from valve job)
  • K&N air filter
  • Tsubaki chain (doesn't stretch after every night at the dragstrip)
  • Sprocket Specialist sprockets (aluminum rear wears fairly quickly - 3000 miles),
  • D207 Dunlop tires
  • Race Tech fork valves.

The result is 139 brake hp on the Factorypro Eddy current dyno.   That's about 149 on a Dynojet 150 model.  Best quarter mile time (uncorrected) is 10.18@137.1mph.  Corrected was 10.07@138.5.  

The stock clutch is extremely grabby above 4000rpm from a dead stop.   Future mods include a MRE lock-up clutch so I can run softer springs to hopefully smooth out the launches for the dragstrip, aftermarket rear shock, and Yoshimura camshafts.  I intend to surprise quite a few Suzuki 1300 Hayabusa owners. Bike has 12,300 miles and over 120 dragstrip runs with zero failures (not even a burned out light bulb).

Marc Henderson Massachusetts 2000
Sam Hendren 2002
Peter Henry Sturgis, South-Dakota
Dexter Henry Plainfield N.J.
Greg Hertel 1997
Chris Hewitt 1999
Jay Hill 2003
Derek Hill 1997 + 1999
Ric Hillock 2003
Phillip Hippolyte Dallas, Texas 1997
  • Two brother pipes
  • jet kit.
Marcin Hirny 2001
  • Corbin Beetle Bags
  • Corbin Gunfighter & Lady Saddle
Jonathan Hyslop
Allen Holz Denver, Colorado 1998
Jim Horton
Kevin Houston Indianapolis - Indiana.
Ryan Hulslander 1997 Modification: D&D slip-ons
Marshall Hunerkoch Metropolis, Illinois 1997
Craig Hunter
Stuart Hutchinson Lake Elsinore, California.
Jerry Huttenburg Orland Park, Illinois 1999
  • Throttle Meister,  
  • Helibars, 
  • Armed Guard alarm .
  • Cheetah windscreen
  • Corbin Gunfighter seat
  • Venture Bike Pack
Giovanni Ignacio
  • turn signal clear,
  • mufflers replaced with aftermarket made by twobrothers..(awesome..)
  • frame sliders
Phillip Ison Roanoke, LA
Jason Jagneaux
Farrokh Jahandari 1997
  • Jardine RT-1 Slipons (quiet)
  • FactoryPro Stage 1 Jetkit
  • Corbin Beatle Hard Bags
  • Corbin Smuggler Solo Seat
  • ThrottleMeister Cruise Control
  • HyperPro Front Fork springs
  • HyperPro Rear spring
  • Taller screen
Rick Jarboe 1999
  • tank bra
  • Double bubble screen
  • Two Brothers 4 to 1
  • fender eliminator kit
  • lowered front and rear
Jason Jenkins 1997
  • Corbin gunfighter/lady
  • Givi windscreen
  • foam grips
  • Carbon Works tank pad
  • Akropovic full exhaust
  • Dynojet stage 1
Bob Jickling 2001
  • Corbin seat
  • Heli-bars
Wesley H. Johnson, Jr 1999
Douglas Jones
S. Jones So, CA 2002 XX
William C. Jones 1997
M. Scott Journigan Portsmouth, Virginia
Lucas Kacer San Rafael - CA
Fred Kafer Aurora, Colorado 1999
  • Erion slip on's and
  • K&N filter

Fred: Definitely increased the performance.

Jeff Kampion Waterbury, Vermont 1999 Color: blue
  • a Lockhart-Phillips tank bra
  • RKA 3 point mounted tank bag.
  • Heli-bars
  • Eclipse sport pak soft luggage
  • Magical Racing Carbon Fibre rear hugger
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • a '01 Blackbird windscreen
  • Magical Racing's wide-angle super blue rear view mirror lenses
  • Corbin Beetle Bags
  • Corbin Gunfighter seat
  • accessory plug for Aerostich's Kanetsu heated vest
Cless Karren 1999
  • taller screen
  • radar detector
Glenn Katrancha Johnstown, Pennsylvania 1997

"I eliminated my back fender and put some  Lockhart Phillips lights for turn signals. It sort of looks like batman.  Some people love it, and some hate it.  So far I haven't seen another that looked quite like it!" '97 XX

  • Heli-bars
  • tank bra
  • fiberglass fender kit this kit actually goes the whole way under the fender, it cleans up the back end, and shows off the fat tire. 
  • Yoshimura rs-3 full header
  • K&N stage1 jet kit
  • K&N air filter, enabling the needles the be shimmed up 1 more clip.
Dave Kellner
  • Erion 4 into1 full race system
  • Stage 1 Jet Kit
  • Gen-Mar Bar Risers
  • Magical Racing windscreen
  • Ventura system.
  • Corbin seat 
  • Race Tech Gold Valve Kit (along with the springs). 
Gary Kennedy 1998
  • 41 flatsides
  • dyna 2000
  • lock-up clutch
Bill Kimbro 2001
  • xenon bulbs
  • crushed velvet seat
  • undertail kit
  • Micron fade black into red 4 into 1 full system
  • swingarm powde coated black (near future)
Rico Kimbro 2002
Joe Kindler Dublin, Ohio 1999
Charles King
Todd King
Chris Kinsman 1999
Robert C. Kirby 2000
Bryant Kleynfeldt 1997
  • turn signal-brake signal integrator kit (no ugly turn signals on rear to look at)
  • the license plate frame has been bobbed up as high as it can go (just under tail light), cut out the bottom of the tail light lens and re-attached an acrylic lens for license plate light. 
  • Lockhart Phillips tank bra but am looking for a carbon fiber 'stick on'. 
  • Just for kicks I added some blue neon&strobes inside the engine compartment to give spectators something to think about when I do a fly by. 
  •  a 190 section Bridgestone Battle Axe rear tire. 

Future modifications:

  • carbon fiber hugger & front fender (probably from ART). 
  • a turbo kit. 
  • handlebar risers (Heli bars?) a tad too tall for her (6'05").
Timothy Knight 2000
Bob Knisley
Robert Koss Indiana
Bill Kraus Michican 2001
  • PIAA 910 Driving Lights with BLM Accessories mounting brackets
  • Kriss Headlight Modulator
  • Philips VisionPlus bulbs
  • Datel Voltmeter
  • VTEC VFR800 Bars raised an additional 3/4" with GenMar risers
  • 321Ignition brake de-linking kit
  • HyperPro fork and shock springs
  • Throttlemeister
  • Street Pilot GPS with Touratech/Ram mount
  • Mag-Knight Tank Bra
  • Russell Day-Long saddle
  • Scottoiler with Touring reservoir and Dual Injector
  • SW Motech removable luggage racks
  • Givi E360 Sidecases
  • Bobbed Rear Fender
  • Michelin Pilot Road tires
  • Pyramid Hugger and Fenda Extenda
  • Electric Connection Power Strip
Troy Kratz 2001
  • Throttlemeister
  • givi luggage
  • Two Bros. pipes,
  • Dynojet
  • Power Commander
  • K&N filter
Marc Krouse Cary - North Carolina
Mike Krueger 2000
  • Front and Rear turn signals tinted
  • Rewire of Tail light to support LED/Spinner bulbs
  • Removed licence plate light
  • dumb reflectors front and rear
Kenny Landreneau 1999
Scott Largent Houston - TX 1997
  • Corbin seat; 
  • Heli-Bars
  • Throttlemeister
  • Mag-Knight
  • Zero-Gravity Screen.
Dave Lautenschleger
Anthony Lashbrook Michigan.
James Lawson Virginia/Singapore
  • Dynojet kit
  • Vance & Hines SS2R slipons.  
Nina Lazzeroni Las Vegas NV 1998
Robert Lee 2000
Ronald Lee
Keith Lefevre 1998 Modification: Two Brothers exhaust.
Berti Levy Fort Lee, NJ 1999 XX
Ed Lippert 1997
  • Yoshimura RS-3 pipes, 
  • re-jetted the carbs
  • K&N air filter.
Ron Liston 1999
Mark Livingood
Randal Logan
Eric Lozowski 1997 Modification: American Turbo System (204 hp at 9 lbs of boost)
Steve Luecke
Gene Lysko Stewartsville, NJ 1999
Harry Lyons 1999
  • Heli-Bars
  • Givi windshield
  • top box
  • corbin seat
  • K&N Air cleaner
  • 2nd Look tank bra
  • Mez4s
  • 17 tooth front sprocket

This is the best all around motorcycle I have owned (14 to date) It is between an 929 and ST1100 It has so much torque I went UP on the countershaft sprocket. The reason for this is when I run the Interstates at 80 mph she is only turning 4500 rpm. this is without sacrificing low end. In first gear I can whack the throttle at 5000 rpm. and she will stand up the tires are the best I've ever had on this bike. However I am going to try those Bridgestone BT-20s. I also enjoy the long rides (500 + miles a day) thanks to the Heli Bars And the Givi windshield.

Jay Mack 2000 Color; titanium
Robert Mance 1998
Phil Mandile 1999
Mark Maneely 2000
Paul March 1997
John Marley Modification: self made handlebar risers
Pat Marony 1999
James Marrs 2002 XX
Joe Martin San Antonio, Texas 1999
Wayne Martin
Jeffery Maume 1998
Terry Mayes Houston, TX 1997
Dennis McCartney 1996
  • Replaced stock exhaust with Micron system
  • upgraded carbs with Factory Jet Kit. No more flat spot at 4 to 6m rpm! 
  • Went one tooth down on countershaft sprocket
  • Rohm Ignition Advancer
  • Corbin seat.
Rick McDaniel San Jose, California 1998
Wiliam Mcfarland 2002
  • PC III
  • Givi screen
  • clear taillight & blinkers
  • Jaws rear painted hugger
  • Throttlemeister
  • Two Brothers X-metal exhaust
Brendan J Mcgovern 2001
  • Dual SS2R pipes
  • K&N Air Filter
Daniel Mclaughlin Ventura California 1997
Mac McMillen 2002
Guy McWilliams 1998
Mark Medlin Birmingham, AL 1997
  • Givi Wingrack II, E360 side cases and Maxia topcase.
  • LP tank bra to protect the delicate paint.
  • ThrottleMeister
  • K&N air filter at 12K mile tuneup.
  • Electrical Connection driving lights (mine was the prototype Lewis Preston used to make his kit from).
  • Corbin Gunfighter and Lady.  
  • HJC FRS Chatterbox for keeping up with the riders we've left behind.
  • A Throttle Rocker for those times the ThrottleMeister can't be used (in traffic).
  • RaceTech Gold Valves with springs are on the shelf, awaiting installation.
  • Givi windscreen
  • Valentine 1 radar detector
  • a 5-gallon fuel cell
  • a CB radio
  •  Widder electrical clothes and heated grips

Future modificatons:

  • ScottOiler. 
Rick Meek Toledo, Ohio
Randy Meyers Bossier City, Louisiana
  • Heli clip-on bars
  • Corbin saddle
  • Vance & Hines SS2R slip-ons.
Mick Millsap 2000
Rocco Montalbo 1999
Paul Moody
Scott Mooney 1998
Randy Moore Keller, TX
Craig Morgan 1999
Sonny Morgan
  • PM Wheels
  • Works shock
  • Michelin Pilot Sport tires
  • Givi windscreen
  • Two Bros. pipes
  • Heli bars
  • Throttlemeister
  • Corbin saddle. 
Mike Morelly
James Morris 1997
Mark Morrow 1997
  • re-jetted carbs
  • Yoshimura muffler
Jason Morton Pittsfield ME 1997
Jay Mutchler Maryland
Dennis Naigle 2000
Kel Neilson Ventura, CA 1997
Jim Ness Palmdale, CA 1998
  • Givi windshield
  • Heli Bars
  • Race Tech fork springs
  • Ohlin rear shock
  • Corbin Beetle bags
  • Corbin seat custom made at Corbin
  • J&M intercom with a CB interface. 
Kevin Nevins 1999
Blake Norville 1999
  • Targa tank bra
  • "L" brackets and racks for my Ventura Bikepack system 
  • Beltronics 840i radar/laser detector
  • Eclipse electric vest
  • 3-point RKA expandable tank bag.
  • Two Bros CF oval Slip-ons on my '99 XX. The PGM-FI accomodated them perfectly. Throttle response is as crisp as ever with no surging, midrange is VERY impressive. The sound is mellow, but deep and authoritative.
James Alan Novey II 1999
Darren Onwiler 1999
Chris O'Neil 1999
Julian Otterson 1998
Rich Owens 2003
Stefan Parker 2002
George Patterson Santa Rosa, CA 2000
Rene Patterson II Comfort, Texas
Michel Pawlak 2002
Rick Peattie 1999
Tom Pendarvis Ballwin, Missouri
Pedro Pereira 1999
  • Vance & Hines carbon oval exhaust
  • K&N air cleaner

His comments:
"The K&N cleaner compensates well for the extra exhaust clearance and the PGMFI has enough variance to adjust the fuel mixture so you do not have to add a power commander to the bike.
It is a simple way to add power to this beauty without compromising reliability or having to constantly mess with tuning...and it sounds awesome!"

John Perez 1997
  • Corbin seat
  • Heli bars
  • aftermarket windshield
  • Lockhart Philips tank bra
Gerard Perie 2000
Steve Peterson 1997
Randall Pevin Virginia
Dale Phillips
Tom Phillips 1996
Jeff Pimental Huntsville, Alabama
Michelle Pingree Spokane, WA 1997
  • K&N Stage 1 Jet Kit
  • Ventura Luggage
Greg Pinkham
Steve Pitt
Rip Plumlee 2000
Steven Poland Bendersville, PA
Ed Proulx 2000 Modification: Givi rack + panniers 40l
Rudy Pyle 2000
  • Two Brothers exhaust
  • BC1400 Cyclometer
Rick Radford Fort Worth, Texas 1999
  • Corbin Gunfighter & Lady seat
  • Double bubble wind screen
  • 16 tooth front sprocket
  • Throttlemeister
  • K&N filter
  • Fender eliminator & under tray
  • Mirror Black 
  • Powdercoated wheels
  • Heli Bars
Eric Rasmussen 2002
Dave Reiff 2000
Gawain Reifsnyder
Kevin Reinhold 2003
Rich Reisig Plymouth, Massachussets 1999
Paul Renzetti Delaware, OH 1997 XX
Paul Rimsa 1999
Dennis Rivera Orange County, California
Todd Robinson Pennsylvania 1999
  • Indigo full exhaust system
  • K&N powercommander
  • D&D 530 gold chain
  • chromed wheels
Kenny Rogers Linton, Indiana
Brian Rossbach
Rich Rowe Washington DC 1996
Kevin Rush 2001
  • Two Bros. C4 Alum. Slip-ons
  • Second Look Seat Skin
  • Zero Gravity Double Bubble W/S
  • Harris CBR Hand Grips & Tank Pad
John Russ 2002
Jon Russell
Christopher Sahlstrom 1997 Modification: Corbin Saddle.
Craig W Saitto 2001
  • Corbin gunfighter and lady
  • Givi wingrack w/2 E360's and 1 E460 W backrest
  • Heli Bars
  • Pyramid rear hugger and front fender extender
  • Magic Mushrooms
  • Scottoiler
  • Vista cruise
  • tank bag.
David Salmi
Adrian Sanders 1997
  • Givi screen,
  • K&N filter,
  • Two Brothers Racing slip-ons
  • 47 tooth rear sprocket
  • Corbin seat
  • Heli  Bars,
  • Tour Master soft luggage
  • Dyno Jet Stage 1 kit
Joseph D. Sanders Atlanta 1998
  • Installed heli bars 
  • replaced graphics with chrome logo's from Tape Works 
  • Polished my wheels. bike looks very nice its the best looking XX in Atlanta
  • installed factory ignition advancer +2 deg . has better throttle response.
  • K&N air filter
Peter Sanders 2002
Brett Saunders
Carlos Saraiva 1999
  • Givi Wingrack, 2*E360, 1*E460;
  • Throttlemeister
  • HawkeOiler automatic chain lubrication
  • ValentineOne radar locator
Chris Sasek 1997
  • heated grips
  • Dynojet Stage 1 kit
  • Erion Racing headers 4-2-1
  • Yoshimura exhaust
Helmut Sassenfeld
Paul Savala California 1998
  • a plate eliminator, 
  • Yoshimura RS-3 pipes,
  • tank bra, 
  • and a few extras.
Edward Scherp 1999
  • Heli Bars
  • Two Brothers C4 round slip-on's
  • Race Tech gold valve with springs.
  • Hepco rack
  • Becker hard bags.
David Schmaltz 1998
Jay Schneider 1999
  • Micron carbon fiber cans
  • K&N air filter
  • Michelin Pilot Sports
SeaJay 1999
SeaJay Bayne
Jacques Senise 1999
  • K+N air filter
  • Chrome wheels
  • Lockhart tank bra
  • Two Brothers titanium full system
Gene Shiver 2001
Bill Sidwell 1999
Piotr Sewinski Chicago Photos in the gallery
Rich Shapero 2000
Chuck Shellenberger Las Vegas
Travis Shrey
Jerry Sims 1999
  • Corbin Beetle Bags
  • Corbin seat
Tom Simmons 2000
  • Performance Wheels
  • Two Brothers 4 into one carbon exaust
Daniël C Slagle Richmond, Virginia
Joseph Sloat 1999
Matt Slocum 1999
  • Yoshimura 4 into 1 with oval comp baffle
  • Heli bars
  • Givi screen
  • Throttlemeister 
Danny Smith 2003
John Smith Ft. Lauderdale - Florida 2001
Mark Smith 1999
  • Tail Section Modifications(Plate, Turn Signals, LED Plate Bolts, Brake Strobe)
  • Throttlemeister
  • Corbin Seat
  • CB/Radio/Intercom System
  • Givi Bags E52(Light Kit)/E360 w/Five Star Racks
  • Mag-Knight Tank Protector
  • Carbon Yoke Protector
  • Zero Gravity Double Bubble
  • RKA Tank Bag.
Craig Soderland SA/WM/SG
Lance Somers< 1998
  • Micron Carbon Slip-ons
  • Factory re-jet, 
  • K&N, 
  • Corbin Gunfighter & Lady Seat
  • miscellaneous soft luggage
Scott Suffolk 1997
Linc Spangler
Charles Spillman Palm Desert, Ca
Michael Spence 2000
Scott Spicer 2002
  • Lockhart Philliph dark smoke Speedscreen
  • tank bra
Alex Staley 1999
Troy Stark Golden, Colorado
Denny Stewart Northern California
Brant Stinedurf 1998
  • K&N Jet Kit,
  • Factory Exhaust modified
Mark Stives< 1998
Clyde Stites Oregon
Jerry Stoppok 2000
Don Stout Jr. 2001
  • Givi screen
  • Carbon Fiber tank guard,
  • Corbin Seat
Kurt Strathman 1997
  • Tapeworks red wing kit
  • Yoshimura pipe
  • Factory jet kit
  • Linked brake elimanation
  • electronic shifter.
Scott Streiber
Simon Sutton Ohio 1998
Jon R Svendsen 1998
Mike Swartz 1997
Michael J. Tallen
Bill Taylor
  • Heli Bars
  • Corbin seat
  • throttlemeister
  • Givi bags
  • touring windshield.
Forrest Taylor Columbia, Missouri 2000
  • Heli bars
  • Tank bra
  • Speedo recalibrator
  • Givi windscreen
  • smaller front sprocket (future mod.)
Glynn Taylor
Jack Teahan Toms River, NJ 2000
  • Painted bike "flat black"
  • All graphics in carbon fiber w/ red outline
  • White face guages w/red needles
  • Blacked out the front tubes & swingarm- painted
  • Blacked out all original "silver" alluminum (trees, pegs, levers.ect.)
  • Blacked out headlight w/ black screen
  • Stainless steel brake & clutch lines w/ s.s. banjo's
  • Stainless steel hardware all around
  • Braking "wave" rotors up front
  • Corbin gunfighter & lady w/optional backrest (black weave w/red trim)
  • Power comander II
  • K-N filter
  • Irridium plugs
  • US Tsubaki Alpha chain
  • Sprocket specialist sprockets (1 up rear - 1 down frt.)
  • Pyramid under tail & carbon fiber hugger
  • Clear alternatives LED tailight & L.P. clear signals
  • Mig carbon fiber cans with upsweep mid pipes
  • Plasma coated the header pipe
  • Carbon fiber "look" brake & clutch levers
  • Carbon fiber: engine covers, fork protectors, triple tree cover, fork tube cap nut covers,
  • tank pad, gas cap cover,heel guards & lic. plate frame
  • Powerbronze "double bubble" windscreen in deep red
James Tieken Spokane, WA 1999 Modification: Ventura Luggage
Robert Thomas Newton, North Carolina 1999
  • Garmin GPSIII
  • LP Tankbra
Craig Thompson Chicago, IL 1999
Ronald Tolbert
Edward D. Tomsej Jr. Michican 1999
  • Heli-bars
  • Corbin seat
  • Zero Gravity tall smoke screen
Gary Trager Tustin, California 2000
  • JE 2mm oversize pistons (1195cc)
  • PowerCommander II
  • Akrapovic 4into1
  • Headwork
  • Rear Hugger from Pyramid Plastics
  • Bagster Tank Cover & Bag
  • Zero Gravity Dark Screen
  • ThrottleMeister
  • Öhlins front and rear
  • Ermax rear turn signals

"I like the Akrapovic, because it is really quiet for an after market system.  Not offensive at all."

John T. Trayne
Ben S. Treynor N California
Marc Trotto 1997
Zbigniew Tyrlik
Jon Vance 1999
Kenneth Van Sky Carol Stream Illinois 1999
  • Arrow exhaust system and pushes 151 hp at the tire and runs 9.81 @ 139.4 mph (before the turbo was installed!)
  • lowered
  • HRC Turbo system
  • JE pistons
  • MRE Air Shifter
  • Hoffmister rear wheel mod
  • EFR Racing clutch basket and crank
  • Trac Dynamics 10inch over swing arm
  • Michelin Pilot race tires.

a photo of Ken's Blackbird

Rob VanValkenburg 1997
Mike Via 1997
Javier Villarreal 2002
Rogelio G. Villarreal 1997
Dick Virgil 1997
Robert Vose
  • Corbin seat
  • Helibars

His opinion about the seat: "The Corbin has been great! My wife likes to ride on back sometimes and the stock seat made her slide forwards all the time. The Corbin is far more comfortable and cured this problem".

Dave Wagner NYC New York
  • Factory Dynojet kit with titanium needles
  • Two Brothers 4 into 2 into 1 into 2 Carbon Fiber Exhaust system (looks really trick both canisters come up the right side)
  • Factory Ignition Advancer (+4 deg.)
  • black leather Corbin Gunfighter saddle (it has the removable backrest).
Erick Walker
  • Carb kit
  • exhaust
  • throttle lock
  • taller wind screen.
Rick Wallace Athens, Texas - USA 1999
Harry Walls
Brian K. Walter Virginia 2000
Rich Waltman 2002
Tom Walsh
David Wamsley 2002
  • Two Brothers full system + c/f/ C5 low mount
  • PCiii dyno'd to perform
  • Corbin Gun+Lady
Dennis Ward
Bill Wardell Reno, Nevada
Alan Watson 1998
Mark Webster 1998
  • Two Bros Ti Oval 4-2-1
  • Shift kit
  • Corbin
  • K&N
  • Dyno Jet Stage one
Jolyon Welch
Thomas John Westcott 1999
Jon S. White
Gary White 2001
Troy Wilkes N. California
Pete Wisner Mill Creek, WA 1998
Mike Via 2003
Greg V. Williams Spring, Texas 2000
Kennon Williamson 2000
Graham Wood
Kevin L. Wright 1999
Adam Young Tennessee 2003
Bill Young 2000
  • Givi Maxi topcase w/360 panniers
  • Givi windscreen
  • Tourmaster Triple Magnetic Tank bag
  • Valentine Radar Detectorv w/ Saeng mount
  • Hot Grips
  • Gerbing Heated clothing connector
  • Chatterbox Multisport connector
  • Helibars
  • Throttlemeister
  • Ventura Hyperlites (brake lights)
  • Signal Dynamics brake light license plate frame
  • 115db ROB horns

I have on order the following:

  • PIAA 910 driving lights
  • Racetech fork spring
  • K&H filter
Greg Zabinski Honolulu, Hawaii 1997
  • Two Bros.4-2-1-2 carbon fiber
  • K&N filter 
  • charger, TLC
Doug 1998
Jeff 1999
  • D&D Show-and-go chrome full exhaust system 4-to-1
  • tinted turn signal/parking lamps
Jovan 2000
  • Akropovic full exaust(4-2-1)
  • Power Commander II